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Friday, April 10, 2009

Green Lantern #39

The pace is certainly beginning to pick up, in the slow and steady march towards the Blackest Night. We don't have Ivan Reis anymore (sob!) but I have to say that Philip Tan does a dandy job with this issue, that introduces the Orange Lantern and his...unique attitude towards the Guardians. The artwork is moody and detailed.

We begin, with Larfleeze, the Orange Lantern expressing some displeasure at the intrusion of several Controllers into his lair. I'd be displeased if someone invaded MY lair too. Lairs are nice. The Controllers are a bit full of themselves, and are looking for the source of the Orange Power, no doubt, with the intention of taking it for themselves. Larfleeze has the Controllers motives pegged right from the start. He may be the personification of Greed, but he's not stupid.

Turns out that the Controllers bit off just a bit more than they can chew. There is a lovely spread, with all manner of hideous and terrifying constructs pouring out of the Lantern, and dealing with the Controllers in a very viceral and permanent fashion.

We then jump to the planet of Odym, where Ganthet, Sayd and the Blue Hope Lanterns are hanging out. It is a lovely juxtapositioning of the colors, going from the dark and fiery colors of orange and red, to the soft, cool soothing colors of blue and green, and all those pretty pink flying fishy looking things. Pretty.

Hal's in a bit of a snit,because the Blue Ring that he got back when he was fighting Sinestro and Atrocitus doesn't want to come off. Hal is in MORE than a snit, he's getting downright pissy. Warth and St. Walker are trying to explain how the power of Hope works,but Hal doesn't really give a rat's ass, he just wants the ring to get OFF, because, being the consumate Man Of Action, he's just not really into the whole idea of Hope anyway.

Ganthet and Sayd do show up and explain things a little further. Turns out that the Hope Lanterns were a bit confused themselves, Ganthet doesn't mean for Hal to BECOME a Blue Lantern, simply to provide them with the necessary power. Hal gets a bit huffy here, declaring that he's not a battery.

Hal Pictures

Well THAT'S an interesting little tidbit of information! But Hal still flies off so that he can sulk some more. In his defense, he's been hit with a LOT of conflicting information, not to mention becoming both a Red Lantern AND a Blue Lantern in a very short time. Still...he could be a little more polite to Ganthet.

Meanwhile, Stel, is chasing a renegade Yellow Lantern into the Vega system. The Fear Lantern knows perfectly well that Stel isn't allowed to follow him,and makes the mistake of taunting him about it. Stel isn't putting up with THAT sort of thing, and actually begins to pursue him, in a rather abrupt departure from his point of view way back in Recharge. Still, times have changed, and Stel is a good Lantern.

But it's ok, because the most hideous,gawdawful, scary-looking thing shows up and SWALLOWS the Yellow Lantern whole. Even Stel, who is pretty phlegmatic on the whole, is startled by this development, and calls for backup.

The Guardians in the meantime have discovered that Hal has been flirting with the Blue Lanterns, and They Are Displeased. Speaking of being Greedy! They want Hal all to themselves! They are trying to get the Blue Ring off of Hal, but it doesn't want to budge, and Hal is getting just a bit uncomfortable, when, fortunately for him, John shows up. The Guardians are QUITE annoyed that another one of those uppity Earth Lanterns are spoiling their fun, but John is accompanied by Salaak and the body of Stel. Out of Stel's chest, bursts a manifestation of Larfleeze, which certainly startles the Guardians. The Guardians start to stammer and make excuses, but Larfleeze is having none of it, and makes a few demands himself.

Scar of course steps up and starts to make more trouble, and they proclaim the Fourth New Law...The Vega System is no longer outside of the Green Lantern's Jurisdiction.

Oh, things are going straight to Hell in a Handbasket now.


At 9:41 AM, Blogger Sky_of_Blue said...

In many ways, the Orange Lantern(s) is the most interesting Lantern-based critter(s) we've seen yet. Yes, he's the personification of Greed, but how does a critter that greedy manage to SHARE its power with an entire corps? Answer: absorb the corps "members" and MAKE THEM part of your power in every conceivable (and icky) way. INTERESTING.

So, I guess there's only one Orange Lantern ring, huh? Unless Larfleeze is planning on MAKING some rings.

At 1:25 PM, Blogger Duskdog said...

That's what I'm thinking too, Sky. Maybe Larfleeze has been "absorbing" all those who came before to steal his power, making them part of it?

I can't believe the Controllers were dealt with so swiftly, though. Genetically, they're Maltusian, too, so surely the power of one ring can't destroy them so utterly and so easily?

We'll see, I guess.

Also, Hal has been a serious tool the past few issues. Granted, so have the Guardians and he does have a lot on his plate, but I wish he'd lose the attitude already. If I was Ganthet, I'd be thinking "This is the guy who's supposed to save us? We're screwed."

Then again, maybe that's why it's so important that Sinestro survive. :)

At 6:22 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Larfleeze is very...interesting. You have to admit that he does have a certain charisma,and no doubt, a genuine beef with the Guardians.

I'm beginning to think that just about EVERYONE has a genuine beef with the Guardians.

I understand that Scar is busy manipulating them all, what I can't understand is how eager and willing they all are to BE manipulated.


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