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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sweet Sweet Wednesday

Ahhhh...my favorite day of the week. Naturally it snowed, and we are currently experiencing freezing rain to boot. They even delayed school by 90 minutes, which seemed to be a bit ridiculous considering we only had an inch or two of snow, but I suppose the roads ARE a bit slippery. Nevertheless, I Will Brave Them, in pursuit of comics.

I'm also glad to say that my shopping is almost complete. Now I just need to start baking. I'm also going to bring in goodies to Matt at my Beloved Comic Book Shoppe. If there are crumbs in your new comics, it is probably my fault.

I just stumbled across some interesting news. Apparently, Peter Tomasi is going to be writing the new Outsiders book. I am quite fond of Mr. Tomasi, he has done a superb job of penning Green Lantern Corp, and he actually made Nightwing GOOD! Therefore, even though I have never read Outsiders before, I'll be picking it up.

The new characters will be Geo-Force, Black Lightning, Katana, Owlman, Creeper and Halo. Oh, and Metamorpho too, I think. I like Metamorpho and Black Lightning, Creeper can be amusing in small amounts and I really enjoy dumping on Geo-Force for some reason. I know vaguely who Halo is, and Katanna doesn't seem to do much except scowl, although she was a hoot briefly in Birds of Prey. Owlman, I don't have a clue.

But the Piece' de Resistance...the clincher in all of this...is that the team is going to be run by none other than Alfred Pennyworth! Alfred! They are taking him out of the cave, and out of his butler's togs, and suiting him up to be"M". I am delighted. Of all the Bat family, I like him the best. Well...I like Tim too, but Alfred IS simply amazing. He's one of the reasons that Trinity has been so good. And you can't go wrong with acerbic British wit and cunning.

So...everyone drive carefully today. And be kind to your Comic Shop proprietor, the dispenser of all our earthly delights.


At 7:31 AM, Blogger Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

Alfred running a team? I'm interested. I guess this is one reason they are killing Birds of Prey, can't have 2 supergroups run by normal people.

At 9:06 AM, Blogger Sea_of_Green said...

Am I the only person in the world who has ALWAYS liked The Creeper? Even Mr. Sea hates him -- and Mr. Sea is a pretty easy-going guy!

At 11:15 AM, Blogger googum said...

I like the Creeper, but I don't know about the current, Steve Niles version. Of course, I'm not sure anyone else does, either. Sea, try the old Batman: TAS episode with the Creeper, since that was great! If your husband still doesn't like him, well, he's not going to.

Have to bust over to the shop too, before I get the kids and whatnot: new Deadpool, Dr. Sleepless, Thor special (with the Executioner!) and Moon Knight. Should be keen. Maybe the first two Punisher War Zones, if the reorders came in.

At 12:01 PM, Blogger Sea_of_Green said...

Oh, yes -- I LOVE that episode with the Creeper. It's one of my favorites! Poor Harley really should have ditched the Joker for him. Seriously. :-)

At 3:12 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

How can you not like a guy who wears a feather boa? The Creeper has some serious styling going on.

At 5:58 PM, Blogger Shelly said...

hmmm..... I hadn't know about Alfred. I might have to get it.

At 7:08 PM, Blogger Duskdog said...

Ha, kids here were out of school Monday because there was a wee bit of ice on the roads that melted by nine o'clock. If we'd've gotten a couple of inches of snow, they'd have been calling it a blizzard and society would have ground to a halt. This is the south -- we don't know nothin' about no snow. :)

Owlman? Has our Earth ever actually had an Owlman? I thought he was Earth-3. Not that that means we can't have one and/or he can't come here somehow, I suppose.

Now if it was Owlwoman instead? I could really support that. I'm all for former Global Guardians making names for themselves.

At 7:01 AM, Blogger Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

My favorite Creeper was when he appeared in the Justice League when it was run by Bats. I laughed till I cried.

"we drank champagne from your cowl."

At 10:21 AM, Blogger MetFanMac said...

I liteally went slack-jawed when I read that. Alfred? THE Alfred??? Pinch me, I'm dreaming!

Plus may I add to the Creeper love circulating here. His B:TAS episode and his JLU comic were both hysterical.

At 5:41 PM, Blogger Saranga said...

muh? Alfred leading a group? Damn you DC, I don't have that much spare cash to spend. damn you damn you.


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