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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It's that time of the Month...

...for me to feel all cranky about the state of Comics. What else where you thinking? Get your minds out of the gutter!

But seriously, normally, I am a pretty cheerful person, and I simply love my comics. Most of the time anyway. Maybe I'm just suffering from Green Lantern withdrawal symptoms or something. Maybe I just want all of the cross-overs to be OVER, for the love of God.

At Marvel, Secret Invasion finally...FINALLY came to an end. And contrary to what we were told, it DIDN'T change the Marvel Universe forever and ever. In fact, with one or two small exceptions, things seem to be pretty much back to status quo. Which of course, is more or less how we all like it. Change without REAL change. Yeah, the Wasp "died", and Mockingbird apparently didn't. Big Whoop.

I've been awfully jaded about Marvel lately, ever since Civil War, and Brand New Day, when they pretty much lost me as a reader for good. I still enjoy the Incredible Hercules, and Thor, and Namor, but that's pretty much it for me, lately. I STILL miss Nextwave. So I haven't been reading the entire Secret Invasion with the exception of those titles and their tie-ins. Frankly, I didn't miss it at all. I was still kept abreast of the situation, because it is impossible to read blogs and articles without knowing what was going on.

But it went on for SO LONG!!! Was it really necessary to stretch out what would, in the old days have been a three part story into EIGHT issues, not to mention the countless tie-ins? It was basically a fight between Skrulls and heroes. And, since Skrulls are shape-shifters, it becomes difficult to know whom to trust. That's it. It did serve as a sort've ending to Civil War, wherein Tony Stark finally gets his comeuppance, but it all just seemed so mindless. They fought in the Savage Land, they fought in New York, and now for some reason, Norman Osborn is going to be the head of everything, and SHIELD is disbanded, and the heroes are STILL looking askance at one another.

Several people have looked at this state of affairs and openly wondered if the people who populate the 616 Marvel Universe are simply complete idiots for putting up with this sort of thing...putting the good guys in jail, and worshipping the bad guys...and I have to agree. The average Marvel Citizen IS A MORON!

And the shocking...SHOCKING reveal at the end of all this, is Normie's little secret Cabal in the basement...consisting of the Hood, Emma Frost, Namor, Loki and Dr. Doom. And Normie is standing there, telling them all "how it's gonna be".

I'm sorry, but I laughed and laughed. And somehow, I don't think that was the reaction that Mr. Bendis was going for. Again, as far as I can tell from various blogs EVERYONE thinks this is a ludicrous idea. Dr. Doom and Namor are going to let a little small-time jerk like Osborn push THEM around? It is to laugh.

All of which will presumably tie into Marvel's NEXT huge cross-over, called Dark Reign. THIS one is going to go on for twelve months, and feature Norman and Dr. Doom arguing over the donut selection at their meetings.


At 9:58 AM, Anonymous totaltoyz said...

Several people have looked at this state of affairs and openly wondered if the people who populate the 616 Marvel Universe are simply complete idiots for putting up with this sort of thing...putting the good guys in jail, and worshipping the bad guys...and I have to agree. The average Marvel Citizen IS A MORON!

And what does that say about people who continue to read Marvel Comics? (I haven't been in that number since Busiek left Avengers.)

At 10:46 AM, Blogger ticknart said...

"Who ate Doom's donuts!

"Doom will only eat donuts with sprinkles!

"Return Doom's donuts or Doom will be forced to unleash his power on everyone in the room!

"However, if the hooded one is willing to give Doom a raspberry jelly donut, Doom is willing to over look this transgression and the meeting can commence."

If Dark Reign goes like that, I'd buy it.

At 12:43 PM, Blogger Jordan H said...

Well the good news is that the last major crossover I remember that was 12 issues was the Crisis on Infinite Earths...which was pretty good. Albeit, I was two and a half years old when that series completed, I still think it's better than anything done since. Give us 12 issues of awesomeness Marvel! DO IT!

And by awesomeness I mean Doom killing people for touching his donuts...

At 1:27 PM, Anonymous suedenim said...

Frankly, the average Marvel citizen has always been a moron! They're always ready to believe whatever nonsense the Daily Bugle prints about Spider-Man, to turn on even the more reputable heroes at the drop of a hat....

Plus, even lifetime New Yorkers (when written by Stan Lee, anyway) invariably dismiss "weird stuff" involving supers as "just a publicity stunt" or "some ad campaign."

At 3:37 PM, Blogger Duskdog said...

Civil War was a great concept (I've always thought that superhero accountability was a subject that needed to be explored, and I'm probably in the minority of readers in that I sided with the pro-registration folks), but it was handled poorly. And Secret Invasion? Could have been cool, I guess, but dragged on so long that I wasn't even tempted to follow it closely, let alone start reading Marvel books regularly again. I pick up a couple of titles now and again.

Final Crisis is annoying me. Too many tie-ins with similar titles and similar covers makes it very hard to keep track of everything. I haven't decided yet if I care for the story or not (I wish they'd used someone, ANYONE other than the most over-used and uninteresting villain in the DCU), but there's no reason for them to have packaged it all so poorly. Couldn't they just have done it the way they did Crisis on Infinite Earths? Just one Final Crisis book for 6 issues or whatever, and then done a tie-in issue or two in each of the regular titles instead of giving us Final Crisis, Final Crisis: Twinkies, Final Crisis: Ding-Dongs, Final Crisis: Ho Hos, Final Crisis: Cupcakes, etc?

I'm honestly having trouble keeping track of what the hell is going on -- so much so that I'm dangerously close to not caring at all. Blah blah fast-forward to Blackest Night, please!

At 4:57 PM, Anonymous Najika said...

If you're having Green Lantern withdrawl you should go to Newsarama.com and read their Final Crisis 5 preview. More Green Lanterns than you can shake a stick at!

At 5:02 PM, Blogger Sea_of_Green said...

"Bah! Doom wants Toaster Strudels!"

At 10:48 PM, OpenID Arynne said...

The only Marvel comic I still read regularly is Captain America.

Although I am contemplating adding Thor to my list.

And if Tony Stark does become a Fugitive From Justice, I might even start reading Iron Man again. To gloat.

At 6:54 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

The average citizen in the Marvel Universe can be counted on for a number of reactions.

l...they ALL hate and fear Mutants.

2...they uniformly seem to distrust practically all superheroes. Even Captain America.

3...they have the same reasoning abilities as the average sheep. Any editorial in a newspaper can make them instantly believe that Spider-Man is a bad guy despite ALL evidence to the contrary.

The only exceptions, seem to be the good people who live next to Asgard,in Oklahoma. They're all pretty nice.

If Dark Reign featured donuts, then I WOULD read it. Just for dialogue like Ticknarts.

I'm actually enjoying Final Crises...but I DO wish that it would come out on a regular basis. It's hard to remember what happened three months ago. However...there are supposed to be a CRAPLOAD of Green Lanterns this Wednesday...which will immediately vault this series into the stratosphere, as far as I'm concerned.

At 2:57 PM, Blogger ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

I loved Secret Invasion at first. Way back when it was the summer event. Now, we get a closure (?) at Christmas. And it doesn't even end because we get a horrid cliffhanger.

Dark Reign, other than showing a dead tuna Namor, has no other appeal than to make Aquaman laugh.

I should do something about that. :P


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