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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Birds of Prey #119

Wow! An awful lot has happened apparently, since last we left our doughty heroines. Oracle has pulled up stakes, and relocated her business in Platinum Flats, a Silicon Valley type of town, and has dragged Zinda, Huntress and Misfit along with her. Coincidentally, Platinum Flats just happens to be within commuting distance to Star City, where the lovely Black Canary is living in wedded bliss.

But that's not what happens on the very first pages of this issue. Instead, we get DC's newest villain. Or if he isn't the newest, at least I'VE never seen him before. I am speaking of course, of the amazing Carface. He's...he's wearing a suit of armor that vaguely resembles a car. He has flames painted on his head, and a front bumper on his chin, and exhaust pipes coming out of his shoulder.

Then Huntress shows up.


Look! He's got tiny little windshield wipers for eyebrows! He's just the most adorable and precious little villain I've ever seen!

Seriously, how poor Huntress managed to keep a straight face while beating up this guy, is beyond me. But she does, and she's feeling rather pleased with herself, until the innocent bystanders start making snotty remarks. Well...excuuuuuuse Meeeee! If the two cops are so competent there, maybe she should take her handcuffs off the guy and let THEM subdue him! They didn't seem to be making much of a success of it before she got there.

Stupid innocent bystanders.

Next we see the commercial being made to promote lovely Platinum Flats, which rather reminds me of the Scorpio episode from "the Simpsons". All is not as it seems in lovely Platinum Flats. The bad guys,who seems to be rather on the shadowy and mysterious side, have a nasty way of keeping people in line.

The girls in the meantime, are busy moving in to their new digs. Zinda is her usual cheerful self, but Helena seems to be a bit bummed out, still smarting no doubt from her reception by the charming citizens. But Barbara has apparently sunk all of her assets into this little enterprise, and she's bound and determined to see it through...not to mention generate a bit of extra cash on the side. Zinda's bartabs don't come cheap you see.

I don't think that Helena is completely convinced, but Zinda does seem to be enjoying herself, the building that they've taken over, has secret passageways, and a slide down to the hangar. A SLIDE! Zinda is just beside herself. Helena is rather impressed with Zinda's ability to let things roll off her back...the move, the whole thing with Killer Shark, etc. and Zinda explains her approach to therapy.

Misfit is still being moody over all the stuff that went down between her and Black Alice. Babs offers to find out the truth for her, but she's not even sure at this point that she WANTS to know. We do find out that Manhunter, Judomaster and Gypsy are still working, they are just on reserve status at the moment. Well...except Manhunter, who Babs has staking out Black Canary's place in Star City. I know that Dinah is your best friend Babs, but really, just pick up a phone and call her already! Is stalking absolutely necessary? But it IS nice to see that Ollie is a bit on the piggish side when eating sphagetti.

But now it comes out...Oracle has a secret, that she's keeping from the rest of the crew, and I'm not sure but what that might come back to bite her in the butt. She's secretly corresponding with none other than the Calculator. I knew it, those two were MADE for each other.

Well, not exactly, he's running scared, and since she was already investigating the area, she figured what the hell. But I think that she's seriously playing with fire here...there is no way that he's not trying to figure out a way to turn this to his advantage.

Finally, Ollie and Mia go out on patrol,while Manhunter keeps watch surreptitiously. But not quite surreptitiously enough, as she's discoverd and receives a boot to the face from Black Canary, who, to give her credit, does have the decency to apologize. She does however want to know just what Manhunter is up to, and who can blame her? Manhunter isn't giving anything away, but seems to have a bit of a chip on her shoulder, because they immediately square off against each other, and that's the cliff-hanger.

Two heroes fighting on a rooftop? It...it just seems like such a Marvel thing to do! On the other hand, Black Canary vs Manhunter IS rather interesting...they seem to be fairly well matched. Mr. Bedard, you have my interest piqued for another month! Oh, and kudos to Nicola Scott for the usual lovely artwork.

But I really really really like Carface.


At 10:32 AM, Blogger Sea-of-Green said...

The whole thing with Carface reminds me of a funny scene from Batman: The Animated Series, in which Batman goes up against the dreaded CONDIMENT MAN! ("It's gonna be one of THOSE nights ...")

At 10:38 AM, Blogger Sea-of-Green said...

... or is that Captain Condiment? I can never remember.

At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Characters like Carface are the types of things I show people who complain that DC has no sense of humor.

They make zany work. They always have. It's one of their best abilities.

At 1:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zinda is so damn cool. That gal needs an origin story much more than Hal Jordan needs an 8th retelling of his!

It's "Condiment King," incidentally. He shows up in the comics occasionally, a frequent favorite of Chuck Dixon when he wants to use a low-threat "loser" villain.

At 2:34 PM, Blogger Patrick C said...

Isn't Zinda's origin the same as all the Blackhawks? She just got stuck in the present during Zero Hour. Unless that's been updated since.

At 4:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, Zinda's "Post-Crisis" origin is unknown. Pre-Crisis, she didn't join the Blackhawks until their Silver Age stories set in "the present day" (i.e., 1960 or whatever), whereas our Zinda was both with the Blackhawks during WWII and (presumably, assuming some degree of parallel with the pre-Crisis version) *not* one of the "original" Blackhawks. (Silver Age Zinda kinda just wandered on to the team, all the while being an "unofficial" member, as girls were wont to be back then.)

So seems to me there's a great untold story there. A young woman circa 1940 who becomes a top-notch pilot on her own (the Blackhawks decidedly not being a training squadron!), then clearly *earns* her way onto the most elite military unit in the free world, one which generally doesn't recruit new *men*, let alone women.

The person who could do that would have to be a pretty remarkable woman, one who clearly won't let silly little rules, written or unwritten, get in her way, and doesn't do anything she doesn't *want* to do.

Or at least that's my take on her when DC hires me to write a Lady Blackhawk miniseries....

At 6:49 PM, Blogger ShellyS said...

I just read this last night and yeah, Carface is a hoot. I think Bedard is starting to get a nice feel for the Birds. phew

At 6:20 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Oh, the Condiment King, I remember when he fought Blue Beetle (Ted) and it was hilarious.

I swear there is a story where Hal gets blinded by mustard, but I don't think that the Condiment King had anything to do with it. But he SHOULD have!

But Carface is now officially, my favorite villain. Well...next to Dr. Polaris.


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