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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No Highmindedness Here

Enough of all this pondering about Wonder Woman and Booster Gold, and being highminded and erudite and...and stuff. I haven't made any references to Hal's butt in quite a few posts, and it's starting to wear on me.

Firstly however, I must point out this particular scan.

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For one thing, the lady in question, is absolutely right, Nightwing DOES have a fairly fabulous pair of buns. His remark also makes it pretty clear and our boy Dick is perfectly concious of this fact, and that he probably USES his gluteous maximus as a weapon...at least when fighting those of the female persuasion.

Now don't forget that Nightwing IS the original Robin, and although I can't remember any occasions off of the top of my head, it is more than likely that he came into contact with Hal Jordan and the Justice League on a fairly regular basis. It is my theory, that it was none other than Hal who taught Dick on the essentials of tight spandex and a really sensational ass. Batman wears that stupid cape. One rarely sees this side of Batman. As Oliver Queen once pointed out, Batman uses that cape like a great big security blanket. Nightwing however, is much more of a free spirit than Bats.

Of course, even Nightwing can't really compare to the master.

hals ass

Go Hal! Arch that back! Flaunt that behind! AND getting hit in the head, is just bonus points.


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