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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Still MORE Wedding Ponderings

Ok, this is the actual picture that I should have taken for yesturday's little paen to Dinah and Ollie. I'm a butterfingers apparently.

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Isn't that just too cute for words?

I hate to kick a girl when she's down, but Ollie was right...she should have hired a wedding planner. Or at least gotten Oracle to pitch in. She's good at multi-tasking.

So...while we are on the subject of weddings, there have been an awful lot of superhero weddings over the years, and while some have been fun, some have been even poignant, quite a number have been unmitigated disasters. In the latter category, I must place Jean Loring and Ray Palmer's wedding. Not only did the Bride turn into a looney-tune, but her taste in bridesmaid dresses was simply dreadful. And Hal turned up wearing a peace symbol or something and a turtleneck! Gah!

Donna Troy and Terry Long's wedding was pretty dismal too. All those horrible horrible hair styles, and Kory looked ridiculous. Speaking of ridiculous, didn't something terrible happen at Dick and Kory's wedding? I think Raven went nuts, but it has been a loooooooonnng time since I read it.

Did they ever show Ralph and Sue's wedding?

Reed and Sue had a nice wedding. Even Stan and Jack showed up, along with the Beatles. It would have been nice if they had gotten married in something other than their costumes though.

John Stewart and Katma Tui got married during the Super Bowl, which I've always found amusing. However, again, something other than standard Green Lantern costumes would have been nice. If the Groom can't recognize the Bride out of costume, (or vice versa) then something is seriously wrong.

Hands down, I think that one of my favorite weddings was Rick Jones and Marlo. The Bachelor Party issue alone was hilarious. Captain America hires an ecdysiast, thinking that she's actually a magician and then has to spend the rest of the party blushing and or closing his eyes. Haw!
Rick gets bombed and is balancing on the Silver Surfer's board with a punch bowl on his head. The highlight of the evening however, is when they get down to business and start watching stag films, and it turns out that the star is noneother than the blushing Bride-to-be. The Vision turns to a visably staggered Rick and deadpans "You must be very proud."

Double Haw!

In view of the fact that the wedding of Ollie and Dinah is going to be in September, I hope she eschews the more common flowers and goes with chrysanthemums and asters and stuff, which would be seasonal and unnusual. I got married in December, and my attendants had white fur muffs, lined in the same color and fabric as their dresses, and it was SO pretty. And I'm also hoping that they can actually get through the reception withOUT being attacked by villains, because that is such a cliche.

Who has some superhero wedding ideas?


At 8:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh. Bonus points for using the word "ecdysiast" correctly. I had to explain what it meant to a co-worker the other day. Apparently some (male) customer had suggested that she should seek employment as one, and she'd thought it was a compliment despite not knowing what the job entailed.

At 9:08 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

But it's such a cool word!

At 5:56 PM, Blogger ShellyS said...

The Donna Troy/Terry Long wedding is a bit of a classic tho for the guests. George Perez drew in real people he knew from the Titans APA. So, those women leaning over the balcony admiring Dick Grayson's tush were the Wingnuts, including a friend of mine who told me about it. She's the plumpish blonde. And the drawing really looks like her.

My flowers were something whitish. I asked for anything that didn't smell, because I'm allergic. My wedding was in August.

At 9:02 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Stephanotis Shelly? They're pretty. I hope it wasn't too hot in August.

I did not know that George Perez drew real people for the Troy/Long wedding, which is actually rather cool. I still can't stand Terry Long however.

At 12:33 PM, Blogger The Mutt said...

This is the biggest wedding ever! All of the others were pretty standard hero/girlfriend inevitabilites. Ollie and Dinah have been chasing each other across many decades and many titles.

The only wedding that would be bigger would be if Batman married Wonder Woman.


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