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Friday, August 24, 2007

Oracle makes a mistake...!

Oops. I know it's hard to believe, but Oracle has made a mistake, and believe you me, it's a humdinger. In "Birds of Prey" #109, Barbara and Dinah are sitting around and having girl talk. As you may know, Ollie has asked Dinah to marry him, and good friend that she is, Babs is trying to talk her out of it. This PROVES that Babs is a good friend, because Ollie really is something of a screw-up when it comes to relationships. Not as bad as Hal, because that would be impossible, but he has this nasty little habit of cheating on Dinah occasionally. Oh, and he hits on anything that walks and has breasts too.

Even Barbara...at least back when she COULD walk. And as he's moving in for the clinch, she bursts into hysterical laughter and points out that he smells like her Dad. Now THAT'S the way to break the mood! Dinah isn't entirely happy that Babs is telling her all of this, which is when they begin to go back and forth on Ollie's merits, or lack of the same.

"Dinah, I know what he means to you. This isn't easy for me to say, but..."

"But what?" asks Dinah.

"You KNOW what! He CHEATED on you for Christ's sake!"

"Just how much do you know about me and Ollie?"

"It's my business to know stuff Dinah. He fathered Connor with that NINJA woman for starters."

"Shado shot him and drugged him. Ever wonder how he felt about being raped?"

This whole bit of dialogue delights and enrages me all at the same time. As has been pointed out quite a bit lately, Shado IS NOT Connor's mother. Hah! Even Oracle can make a mistake! Or in this case, the writer, Tony Bedard made a mistake. He manned up and admitted it, and apologized for it, so I'm hoping in a future issue, this will be addressed, and Dinah will tease Barbara for years about making such a basic blunder. This is going to be hard to live down.

On the other hand, they actually came out and admitted that Ollie had indeed been raped by Shado. And it's high time!

There is quite a bit of other good stuff in this episode. Knockout and Scandal are having SUCH a good time at a seedy motel, until Scandal opens her big mouth and makes Knockout feel that she has to go and beat on Barda for a while. Meanwhile, Barda is playing Pokemon with Sin and having a ball, which confuses the heck out of Misfit.

I am depressed that Knockout ends up being murdered by the guy who is going around picking off all of the New Gods. That is a plot that REALLY didn't need to be examined. Why the desperate need to kill off a bunch of perfectly good Jack Kirby characters? They weren't hurting anyone. Well, maybe Darkseid was, but that's his job for heaven's sake!

Please don't kill Barda or Scott.

For the first post-Gail Simone issue, this was pretty darned good. With the small exception of Oracle opening her mouth and inserting her foot anyway. And of course, the art was lovely as usual with Nicola Scott.

I suppose in a way, this isn't such a bad thing. Shows that Oracle can make mistakes like the rest of us. And it was a doozy!


At 3:28 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

Knockout wasn't created by Jack Kirby.

At 6:05 PM, Blogger Jon said...

Lucky for Sally she didn't actually say Knockout was created by Kirby ;) :p

At 5:46 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Actually I thought that Knockout was created as a rather weird love interest for Connor...but I may be mistaken.

Nevertheless, she WAS a Female Fury.


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