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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Green Lantern Corps #15

I'm just going to come out and say it, if you aren't reading the whole Sinestro Corps thingie, that is running through Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps, then you are missing the story of the year. Two weeks ago, we had Green Lantern, and the fight on Qward with Hal and Kylellax as well as the lost Lanterns.

Now, two weeks later and it is the Green Lantern Corps turn. Mogo is being threatened by the sentient city Ranx, and the Guardians are practically pooping in their little pants, because it all ties into the prophecy made years ago...the Blackest Night.

Green Man has been newly reunited with his partner Stel, who miraculously survived his destruction, and they are on Mogo, the three of them against Ranx, Arikillo and HOARDES of Sinestro Corp members. Stel calculates that the odds against them are roughly sixteen thousand to one. Fortunately, Mogo's little partner Bzzzd shows up, so the odds are improved.

Not to worry, Kilowog and most of our favorites show up, including Sodom Yat, who is being nursemaided by Arisia. And we finally hear just WHY Mogo is so damned important to the Corps. Without him, the rings have no way to find new owners. Mogo's power guides the rings to potential recruits.

I can see why Sinestro wants him taken out of the picture!

What happens next is of course a huge space battle of enormous proportions. Pat Gleason does all of this with his usual panache of course. And who should show up, but Chthos Chthas Chtatis! I LOVE him! He teamed up with Guy against Ranx quite a few issues ago, and it complete sense for him to be here, since he's actually fought against Ranx.

Turns out that Ranx likes to hold a grudge. And he's pissed...REALLY pissed at Guy. Now that's a battle that I am looking forward to! Arkillo is calling in all the big guns, and including those creepy little Children of the White Lobe.

Chthos is filling in Kilowog in the meantime. Turns out that Ranx has Gravity Disruptors, that can punch through Mogo's crust and expose his soft gooey filling. The rest of the Lanterns are fighting like mad of course, while Salakk calls Arisia for an update on how Sodom Yat is doing. She is just a TAD busy at the moment, trying not to be killed, and Sodom saves her from being stung by a nasty little Sinestro Scorpion. By now they've all realized that the Children of the White Lobe are there to mount a suicide attack on Mogo, setting off their bombs by their own willpower.

And finally...finally we get Arkillo vs Kilowog, and it is a thing of beauty. But they realize that they need to get the offensive back, fighting a defensive war is not going to end well. Kilowog sends Stel, Isamot, Sodom Yat and Chthos to invade Ranx. Arisia wants to go as well, trying to do what Salakk ordered her to do, which is keep an eye on Sodom, but Kilowog wants her with him instead.

And that is our cliffhanger. We end up switching to the Guardians who are moping around, back on Oa. The art is provided for the last couple of pages by Angel Unzueta, and I must say, that although his style is quite different from Pat Gleason's, it is VERY nice. Reminiscent to me at least of Ivan Reis, which is certainly not a bad thing.

Ganthet seems surprised that the Guardians have set Sodam Yat against the Sinestro Corps, while the other Guardians are being pretty snarky about it. The others think that the Demons of Ysmault want them to be paralyzed by fear, so they are going to act instead...and rewrite the Book of Oa. I'm not sure how this is going to turn out, but Ganthet doesn't look particularly happy.

Finally, we have a scene of the Lost Lanterns back on Qward, still searching for the Ion entity. They see a light at the end of the tunnel, and ...!
Green Lanterns

Oh crap.


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