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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Aaaahhh...The Silver Age Green Lantern

So...I was fortunate enough to find the second volume of Showcase presents Green Lantern at my local Comic shoppe, and it is a fabulous read. I don't know what kind of drugs these guys were using, but I want some. You have Barry West as the Flash, the Tatooed Man, Hector Hammond, the Shark, Sonar, Star Stapphire, and oodles more.

And of course plenty of butt shots, as Hal flails about clumsily through the air. I can definitely understand why John is considered to be a better flyer than Hal, in a lot of these stories, he certainly looks a bit ungainly.

Hal Pictures

Now really Hal. Not particularly graceful are we?

Hal Pictures

Hal also gets attacked by giant tentacle monsters (ALWAYS fun!) giant lizards, and giant giants. Say what you will about Hal's tendancy to leap into action without any sort of plan or thought or even sanity occasionally...he does come through in the end.


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