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Monday, October 16, 2006

Guy Gardner Gets a Girlfriend

Actually that title is something of a misnomer...what I really mean is that Guy Gardner NEEDS a girlfriend, but the other way is more alliterative. *ahem* Anywho, it's been quite a while since poor Tora got iced, and although I imagine that Hal would object, I do think that it is past time for Guy to get some lovin'...and I want to revive a completely brilliant plot idea from Beau Smith. Get Guy and Wonder Woman together! You want to rock the DCU? THAT would do it nicely.

C'mon, they've been flirting forever, and I really think that it would work. Plus, Batman would probably swallow his tongue, and that could be fun. Remember way back when Wonder Woman first came into the League? Guy was stomping around and bloviating in his loveable way about how HE should be in charge. Diana walked in, and basically said hello, and can I depend upon your experiance and advice? And she had him in the palm of her hand. Something that Batman, Superman and even J'onn never realized, all Guy wanted was a little respect.

It continues in "Guy Gardner" #15, when he gets back from the Draal, and confronts his evil clone. She knows that it is him, and backs him up. He calls her "boss", which is pretty loveable coming from Guy. He's still hankering after Ice of course, but she's giving him the cold shoulder, encouraged by Bea, and Diana is the only one sticking up for him. He even lets her tie him up in the golden lasso in the next issue so that he can convince General Glory, that he's not the killer clone.

However, it is after Tora's death, that I think they start to get close. In Justice Leage #101, he's still just furious with them, for not telling him about her demise, which is also covered in GG #32. He's hurt and angry and basically beating the crap out of all of them, and Diana is the one who talks him down. She does apologize for not telling him, and he points out that it's one thing to be surrounded by people who love you...like Diana...and another thing to lose the only person who ever liked you.

Then the Kraggz attack, the advance troops of the nasty old Tormocks. Guy and Diana head back to Earth, where more Kraggz are attacking Warriors, and there is a rather delightful moment as they head for the League cruiser, where he says:
"I'll drive."
"No, I'll drive, Guy"
"Right...nice outfit."
As they zoom off, Diana comments that he has changed, and that this is the first time they've been alone in a vehicle and he hasn't tried the old "outta gas" routine. He replies that he can tell she's disappointed. Gosh, I love witty repartee. They do a nice job of fighting together, but eventually, the Tormocks do arrive, and he gets captured.

Diana, Hawkman and Probert the Bad One...a former Lantern...go after him, which is nicely depicted in Hawkman #23. Karine, the Tormock Empress, wants Guy for his Vuldarian genes, and figures she can use him for stud. He comments that he's not that kind of boy, and fortunately before her wooing can go any further, he's rescued by Diana, Hawkman and Probert. Eventually they all defeat the Tormocks and head home.

I know that Beau Smith wanted to get them together, but then GG:Warrior ended, and I guess his plan was shelved...probably because nobody else at DC could handle it. Nevertheless, I still think that it is a capital idea, and somebody should pick it up and run with it. Isn't Adam Huges supposed to be doing a new Wonder Woman? He always drew Guy so well.


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At 8:59 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

What did you THINK you were going to find at a blog devoted to Green Lantern behinds? Sheesh.

At 3:45 PM, Anonymous Beau Smith said...

Thanks for the kind words on my attempted match making between Wonder Woman and Guy.

I think you summed it up best in the fact that some at DC just couldn't handle it. I'm sorry nobody ever took the risk to make it happen. Trust me, that relationship would shake more things up in the DCU than Infinite Crisis could ever dream of.

"I like my heroes shaken, not stirred."

Beau Smith


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