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Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Well, that was different.  We have been having very hot muggy and incredibly rainy weather here in lovely old New England, while it appears that the rest of the country is roasting away.  And yesturday, we had one heckuva microburst in Springfield, while I was at work.

That was scary enough, but then we had a tornado touch down in my little old town of Windsor Locks, here is Connecticut.  That's getting a little too close to home for comfort!  Fortunately, my house was unscathed, but the southern end of town lost some trees.  The weirdest thing however, is that the Shade Tobacco fields in Windsor were in the path of the storm, and all the netting was sucked into the funnel, and then deposited a couple of miles away over the trees and houses...hundreds and hundreds of feet of gauzy nylon netting. 

Just weird.


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