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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday's Reviews

Not a shabby week at all.  Except that I was expecting to get my monthly fix of Guy, in Red Lanterns...and IT WASN'T IN!


Still, on to other books.

All-Star Western #22

This is actually coming along quite nicely, although I wasn't too sure about jumping Jonah into the Future.  Well, HIS future, our present.  Naturally, he ends up at Arkham Asylum and is being interviewed by the young Dr. Arkham.  Jonah explains that he knew his great grandfather and that he was a complete wuss.  Even Batman gets into the action a bit. 

The look of horror and amazement on Dr Arkham's face when he finally realizes that Jonah is telling the truth, is hilarious.  And dang it...fun.  This was a rather fun book this month, even without Booster Gold!

Aquaman #22

Well, Arthur does manage to go and free Mera, but runs into a whole 'nother problem.  Primarily the original King of Atlantis.  And he's old, cranky and has ice patterns and he's not at all happy with Arthur.  And for that matter, neither are the rest of the bunch of people that Mera is a part of, and they all decide to join up with old crankypants King. 

Meanwhile, those bad bad people with the submarines are busy destroying Atlantis, looking for more artifacts and Arthur, although he is off getting pantsed by the old king.  It is all...quite exciting, and even though it isn't Ivan Reis, the art by Paul Pelletier is quite nice.

Batman/Superman #2

The art by Jae Lee is rather exquisite, and the story by Greg Pak is starting to come together.  There are two Superman and two Batmen, and they are being manipulated across two universes, and Catwoman is there, and oh heck...it's a little convoluted, but it is a lot of fun.  I enjoyed this a whole lot more than I thought that I was going to.

Constantine #5

This makes more sense if you read it AFTER Justice League Dark.  John has wandered off from the confrontation with Wonder Woman and the JLA and all, with young Shazaam.  He does manage to con poor Billy into giving up his powers, by trading...voices.  Not body's, but voices.  So naturally when John uses Billy's little squeaky voice, it works, and gives him the powers.  Not that it is easy however, as he is fighting a rather nasty minion of the Cold Flame. 

Eventually, Billy gets his powers back, and the day is more or less saved, but he won't be one of John's fans any time soon, that's for sure.  Plus, John gets hurt pretty badly, and is in that twilight state between life and death, which for someone like Constantine, is full of danger. 

Quite quite nice. 

The Flash #22

I've been enjoying this.  The art is consistantly fabulous, and the story is interesting as well.  Barry is getting a bit frantic, unable to save all of the people affected by their trip into the Speed Force, so he grabs Iris, who is the last one, and gives her a Speed Suit, and dumps her off on his girl friend for safe keeping.  That goes about as well as you think it would. 

Meanwhile that doctor who wants to use the speed Force himself, is doing his usual stuff, and then runs into the Evil Flash, but Barry shows up to save the day.  So I assume that they will finally have a clash of speedy titans next issue, which would be nice.

Justice League Dark #22

Well, Superman is being imprisoned by Argus after he "killed" Doctor Light, but some of them think that Dr. Psycho had something to do with it.  Meanwhile, Wonder Woman goes off to find the JLD, and is frankly, quite rude to them, which considering that she wants their help, is rather stupid of her.  She is also completely different from how she is portrayed in her own book, where I love her to death.  When she is hanging out with the Justice League and drooling over Superman, I can't stand her in the least. 

All of the various Super Groups are running around, and not a whole heck of a lot is being accomplished.  Amanda Waller seems to be losing her allies pretty quickly, which serves her right, considering how mean she is to them.  Xanadu is alive but being taunted by the Bad Alfred guy, who says that the fix is in, and that he has a mole on the team.  I assume that this is all leading up to the Bad Guys taking over in a month or so.

Many of the various heroes act like idiots.  Many of the heroes act as though they are in a Marvel book. 


Larfleeze #2

This really isn't doing it for me.  We have a battle between Larfleeze and some guy from another universe who is a hunter, and needs a new universe so that he can hunt...more stuff.  The badinage between the various side-kicks is mildly amusing, but I'm not really getting into this all that much.  I love Giffen and DeMatteis, but here, I think that they are trying too hard...or I just don't really give a crap about these characters.

Hawkeye Annual #1

Remember when Kate yelled at Clint, and stomped off with Lucky the Pizza Dog?  She's headed to the West Coast, because she doesn't want to go on a cruise with her rich father, and she's still mad at Clint, for being morose, apparently.  She also doesn't realize that her antics with Madame Masque a few issues back, have come back to haunt her, since Madame Masque has figured out who she is, and is about to make her life quite quite miserable. 

Kate of course, is smart enough to figure things out, and crazy enough to do something about it. As usual, this is a heckuva lot of  fun to read. 

Dang, I love this book.

Journey Into Mystery #654.

All sorts of weird things are happening out in Space, as Gaia is suddenly feeling much better, and Skuttlebutt comes back as Bill's old Girl Friend.  It....it is a little convoluted, when you try to explain it, but it makes perfect sense in a comic-booky sort of way. The art is pretty of course, and darn, I'm going to miss this book when they cancel it. 

Young Avengers #8

And speaking of loving books...This is a hoot and a half from start to finish.  Our doughty young heroes are still leaping in and out of dimensions, courtesy of miss America, led by Loki, who is tracking the entity who stole Tommy.  Various nasty things show up in the different dimensions, but occasionally, they actually have time to enjoy themselves.  Also Prodigy is along for the ride.  Then they acccidentally find the original baddie, and Teddy and Prodigy get left behind.  And the new dimension where the rest of them end up in has...


Oh yes.  THAT Leah.

But not a bad week at all.


At 12:53 PM, Anonymous Randy Jackson said...

All-Star Western was good, but I'm pretty sure this is actually an alternate Dark Knight Returns future, as I can't recall the Mutants showing up anywhere else.

In total agreement with you about Journey Into Mystery and Hawkeye.

As for Young Avengers, I think they've gotten to the point where you could put those characters into any situation and it would be fabulous.

I ignored Justice League Dark and Constantine because I'm boycotting Trinity War.

At 1:18 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Randy, I don't know anything about mutants...I just wish they would bring Booster Gold back.

I am thinking that the whole Trinity War thing...may not be my cup of tea either. I'm not particularly looking forward to the whole Villains Month either.


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