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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Reviews...and it's STILL Raining

Man, it is getting quite soggy. But at least it isn't snow. The books DID come in, right on time, and although...once again...there weren't a whole lot of them, they were still quite appreciated.

Batman # Robin #23

Well...that's certainly odd. What happened to Tomasi and Gleason? I WANT TOMASI AND GLEASON! Dammit. Instead we have Winick of all people, and Guillem March, who actually does a fairly decent job on the artwork. For some reason, Jason Todd, aka the Red Hood shows up, and is in Arkham, and talking to Batman, and being his usual...charming self. Oh, and he's a redhead. Seriously, he looks a heck of a lot more like Roy than a Robin. I thought that Bats only went for black-haird manchildren? No WONDER Jason didn't work out! Anyway, Jason manages to get transferred to another prison and starts killing off the inmates, all of whom were, actually trying to kill him first...but still. And then Bats goes to stop him, but he's being transferred and then is broken out by what appears to be Talky Tawny's cousin, a very small T-Rex and some girl walking animals. You can tell that they are girls, because they have big boobs. But only Two breasts, which would seem to be peculiar, since most female mammels have multiple mammary glands, so that they can suckle a large litter...but I digress.

This was a bit different from what I was expecting. Not terrible...but certainly different. Damian was hardly snarky AT ALL!

Booster Gold #44.

This ties into Flashpoint. Booster gets back to the Time Lab, tired and hungry and not at all interested in discussing the strange warnings printed on Rip's blackboard. Rip is a bit perturbed, because HE didn't write them, nor did anyone else! Then the room goes dark, Rip and Michelle disappear, and Booster and Skeets are alone in an empty time lab, just as confused as all heck. They go to Coast City looking for a Green Lantern, and are taken to be an attacking Atlantean, which just confuses them more. Then poor Skeets gets blowed up. NOT SKEETS! Booster is quite heartbroken. And confused. And on the Run. Oh, and then Doomsday shows up.

Poor Booster.

Fables #105.

Bigby decides that it is time that he had a little sit down with Daddy dearest, about the latter's plan to kill his son Ghost. The North Wind is trying to explain that Ghost is a monster and that killing monsters is what the North Wind is sworn to do, and that he's changeable and fickle, because he's the NORTH WIND, DAMMIT! Bigby isn't buying it at all and manages to confuse his father with a bit of twisted logic. The old Man then decides to put Bigby to sleep while he goes off to confront Mister Dark...all by himself. Oh, this is going to be epic.

Jistice League of America #57

Well, Alan Scott shows up, helping what remains of the League, although he's in trouble, since Eclipso ran off with the Starheart. And Obsidian is there, and actually has dialogue and isn't a villain! Woohoo! Too bad that Jade is possessed by Eclipso, along with the Shade and all the other darkness based characters. Eclipso decides that he really down't like the Spectre and lures him in and disposes of him rather neatly, although is REAL plan is to go after God himself.

This is all ok, although I do wish that it would hurry up and conclude and go on to other things, because Eclipso for some reason is just NOT a villain that I find particularly compelling. The only time that I liked Eclipso, was when he was actually Jean Loring, trying to tempt Blue Beetle, because THAT was fabulous! Otherwise I find him to be...dull. But still, a decent book, all things considered.

And that was that! Maybe I'll watch the rain drops some more.


At 1:24 AM, Blogger Shiraste said...

Well, Jason Todd does have red hair. He dyed it black when he became Robin and kept it that way until after the Battle for the Cowl event - I think. Now he's back to natural and a psycho no matter the hair colour. ^^

What is it with Doomsday these days, tends to show up fairly often lately..

At 11:43 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I know that Jason is supposed to be a redhead, since it was a retcon from a while back, but what happened to his skunk stripe? Or the fact that he was shown with dark hair when he was boosting the Batmobile's tires in the first place?

Oh well. It just seems to be a bit...jarring to have a non-black-haired Robin. Even a former Robin.

And yeah, Doomsday showing up doesn't do much for me either, although, since it is an alternate time-line now, who knows WHAT he's been up to.

At 12:24 PM, Blogger Shiraste said...

Yeah, well continuity and logic in comics... let's not open that can of worms.

Tbh, I haven't read the issue but if the stripe is missing it probably just got "winick'ed"

At 12:55 PM, Blogger Erin S. said...

Jason Todd with red hair? All Morrison so we just have to roll with it even though it doesn't make sense. Apparently Bruces' training for Jason dying his hair was so ingrained that he did it even when he was brain damaged and living on the streets.

I know Doomsday shows up a lot recently but I rather see Jurgens using the character than the rest. Because the last time Booster saw him Superman "died", Ted went into a coma, his suit was destroyed and his team got thrashed.

At 2:42 PM, Blogger ShellyS said...

I haven't read Booster yet, but Batman and Robin was definitely odd. It's an odd book, so I give it some leeway, but still... Winick? Anyway, aside from the red hair, he was drawn to look rather like Roy Harper, I thought, which was weird in its own way.


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