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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Leftover Plot Devices

I am currently immersed in the War of the Green Lanterns...and loving it! But I have to admit that there does seem to be something...missing. As we all recall, the first issues of Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors was all about Guy running off with Arisia and Kilowog, to find out who or what was draining the rings of energy. And they DID find out!

Last we saw them, Zardor and Sodam Yat and Bleez were all on their way to Oa, ready and willing to kick ass and take names as it were. Zardor was an ally of none other than Krona, but seems to be more than happy to turn on him. In fact Krona would have to be an idiot NOT to expect him to turn on him.

In the meantime, Guy, who was chasing them, has time to go and meet Hal at their safe house, fly in a cool rocket ship, crash-land on Oa, meet up with Kyle and John, pick out their favorite rings, get yelled at by Ganthet, and run away from Mogo, not to mention exploring the Guardian's basement at Oa, picking up a few handy little trinkets and making a new friend along the way. All of this has been MOST exciting, and all, but it has also used up a reasonable amount of time.

Where the heck is Zardor and Yat? And poor Bleez, and the various minions and oh, what about those kidnapped psychics that Guy and Bleez freed, and sent on their merry way to Oa as well? I assume, that they are going to be showing up soon...in fact they will pretty much HAVE to show up soon, because the whole thing ends this month! I do like the way that this cross-over is going however. It is small for one thing...confined only to the Green Lantern books, and each story dovetails quite seamlessly into the next, which is very very nice and easy to read. And the art is pretty. And Guy has the best dialogue...as usual.

So...my take on this is that Krona and Zardor are going to be going head-to-head pretty soon, and hopefully, will take each other out, with a little bit of help from our friendly Earth-born quartet. Oh, it will be lovely.



At 5:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Y'know, I really don't think this story would've been harmed if it'd been all the Lanterns from before the Corps re-start – all those with experience with the yellow weakness – who'd been resistant to Parallax, rather than just the ones from Rebirth. And that cover gallery would look less like "white men from Earth and their token black vs. everyone else".

-- Jack of Spades

At 12:45 AM, Blogger LissBirds said...

It never occurred to me that if you put all the covers together it makes one giant picture. *facepalm*

I had completely forgotten about Sodam Yat. I guess he'll show back up eventually?

At 5:39 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Well...it's not JUST the four guys from Earth, there WAS Kilowog...for a little while anyway. And Ganthet. But yeah, it's everybody else against our beloved Musketeers, as usual. Still...I imagine the writers have a trick or two up their collective sleeves.

Zsrdor and Bleez and Yat ought to be showing up soon...right?

At 10:37 AM, Blogger Shiraste said...

Well, seeing that there are supposedly only 4 more issues to go in WotGL they definitely should...

As much as I liked the interaction between our 4 guys the speed of the event is weirdly slow. Even if the final issue should be a 40 or even 80 page issue (no idea =P) I'm not sure if it's enough to wrap it up properly without it feeling too rushed.


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