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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

What oh what could possibly convey the proper mood of romanticism and mushiness that inflicts itself upon us, on this, most hallowed day? Hallowed by Hallmark at least. Once again, I turn to comics to get into the proper mood.

Here's Hal Jordan. Hal LOVES Valentine's DAy!


I'll bet that Ice gets a huge box of chocolates. Which of course, Guy will then proceed to eat.

Guy and Ice

Still...just how cute is that anyway?

This one is nice.


Nice that they actually went and made it all legal and such.

This is just so adorable. I DO hope that he and the rest of the Six make it back from Salvation Run in one piece.


This...this is just wrong. Scott is NOT having a very nice Valentine's Day! But Superman IS!


Unfortunately for Superman, Lois is ALSO having quite a Valentine's Day.


Gee, Guy is getting more action than Hal!

Guy and Ice

Oops. May have spoken too soon about that.

Hal Pictures

Heck, even G'nort is having a heck of a day.

Guy pictures

Please. You just KNOW that this is the sort of thing that G'nort dreams about. Wuffling and Whining to himself as he does.

And here is J'onn. And his one true love.


I really should probably stop now. Who knew that I had that many mushy pictures? Oh, and a happy Valentine's day to you all!


At 2:39 AM, Blogger nicodemus88 said...

Happy Valentine's day to all !

Nice pictures Sally !

I made a valentine's week and sent friends mails during a week about it, I used a lot of "the preacher" (I so like Tulip ^^), and used the last Guy/Ice kiss too.

good day !


At 7:19 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I never would have thought of using Preacher for Valentine's Day, but I feel that your choice is indeed, inspired!

I like Guy and Ice kissing too.

At 3:10 AM, Blogger nicodemus88 said...

Well lot of my female friends liked the Preacher pages a lot and want to read it, so I am quite happy.

By the way, when i send the Guy/Ice kiss, I have to explain what the Green Lanterns are, etc. (GL are totally unknown in france) and I tought that the GL are one of these books with a big female readers part, how do you explain that? only the uniform? or the butt?



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