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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Playing Catch-Up Again

My wi-fi has been utter crap lately, and I'm not quite sure why...other than the general cussidness of things.  Still up there poking and prodding and desperately unplugging and replugging things in.  We will see how this goes.

But anyway...reviews!

Black Widow #7

You know...I like this book, but darned if Natasha isn't a pretty awful person.  I know that she was made that way by the Red Room, which is also awful, and that the Weeping Lion is also an awful person, but...yeesh!

She has managed to blackmail the Weeping Lion, who turns out to be the son of one of her early, if not THE earliest hits, and she goes up against her former Head Mistress, and rival...aka Recluse.  She's doing it for a good reason...so save other children from what she went through, but it is pretty brutal.  The art is gorgeous of course, and it's a compelling story...but pretty grim.  But good.

Doctor Strange #13

Baron Mordo is trying to beat Doctor Strange, but Dormammuu thinks he is a weenie.  Which of course he is.  Meanwhile, Strange is asleep and being tortured by Nightmare, because....why not?  And Wong and Zelma are trying to save him in their dreams, and it all turns out that Stephen dreamwalks through EVERYONE'S Dreams!  It is awesome!  And epic!  And Chris Bachalo was born to draw this stuff!


Hellcat #11

For some reason, Black Cat is after Patsy, and is using a group of young female vandals to do her dirty work. One of them is the ex-roomie of Patsy's new roomie, and...and stuff happens.  It's all delightful as usual.

Howard the Duck #11

Waaaggghhh!  It's the last issue!  But in true meta fashion, it is more or less hinted at quite broadly that he'll be back.  But I have absolutely adored this iteration of Howard, not to mention his vast and wacky cast of characters.  Aunt May!  Biggs!  Spider-Man being an idiot!  Tara!  Bev!  And you should never leave your Aunt on a roof for safety if that roof is on fire! 

God I'm going to miss this...but what a way to go.

Squirrel Girl #13

Still stuck in Canada without wi-fi...I feel her pain.  And Enigmo is the one stealing the muffin, and he can split into other Enigmo's and is taking over the earth.  Also Ant-Man, and we learn a whole lot of cool stuff about mega colonies of Ants, although Scott doesn't seem to care all that much.  Scott is a bit of a jerk in this...but in his defense, he does have a fair amount of reason to be peeved, what with being kidnapped by Brain-Drain, and his client's very expensive jet being jet-napped, and ending up in Canada.  God I love Canada...even is Scott doesn't. 

Also squirrels.

The Mighty Thor #12

Jane/Thor is a tad confused about the sentience of Mjolnir, and is hauled off to the Parliament of Gods or whatever, where that cranky Librarian hangs out, and we learn how Mjolnir was forged and why, and boy howdy, but Odin is still a jerk.  But a giant sentient storm and Uru, and devastating the Universe and...whoa! 

A little bit of a filler issue, until the big stuff next month, but I don't mind. 

Green Lantern Corps #6

Guy is not in this much except as a torture victim, but his bros are trying to find him, and he's holding out, because you simply cannot break Guy Gardner!  Hal is doing a lot of showing off, but that's just how Hal rolls. And finally Sinestro gets off his yellow butt and decides it's time to show Hal what's for. 

Good, but needs more Guy.

Lucifer #11

Well, "God" is back, and he's pretty much insane.  He's bringing all his boys back into the fold, and stuff is going down, and it's the end of the world, and Elaine is back too, and she has a bit of a surprise for Lucifer.  I still like Gabriel best though.  All setting thing up for the big donnybrook, which is always  a good thing, and the art is gorgeous as always.

Wonder Woman #8

This is a retelling of the story of Barbara Minerva, and it's pretty great actually.  No Nicola Scott artwork however, which made me sad, but Bilquis Evely does a nice job with it. Rucka has been doing a lovely job, and it's a good story.

So...two weeks worth of books, and not a clunker in the bunch, which is always nice.


At 11:29 AM, Blogger Mista Whiskas said...

I've liked Rucka's work so far myself, the backstory for Cheetah is nice and fleshes out a character that I felt could use it. Thanks for the great reviews!

At 12:18 PM, Blogger Shelly S said...

I agree about Black Widow. I love the story, but I preferred how Natasha was written in the previous version of her book. And Wonder Woman was awesome.

At 1:37 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Wonder Woman has indeed been terribly good. And yeah, I really like Black Widow, but...yeesh!

At 3:38 PM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

Something I've been wondering about Dr. Strange. If most all of the magic was exhausted fighting the Imperikul, what are all these enemies of Stephen's using to attack him? He and Mordo draw from the same pool, right?

At 5:46 PM, Blogger Erin S. said...

I haven't gotten around to reviewing the other Wonder Woman issues I've read. It was a decent issue but the flow of the issues hasn't been that great with the rotating arcs. I would have likes this better as part of a trade.

At 7:19 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Calvin... that's a darned good question actually! I assume Mordo has been hanging out in Dormammu's dimension? Only thing I can think of.

Erin I have to admit to liking the even numbered issues the best.


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