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Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Bit Rushed

I DID get my books yesturday, and am pleased with them, but I had to take some time today to take care of a little problem.  While at my beloved Comic Book Store, I opened my purse to pay for my purchases and noticed, to my consternation...that my driver's license was inexplicably missing.  I couldn't really remember the last time that I had seen it, but pawed through my purse, and my car, and various other locations, without finding it, which made me...sad.  Also a bit taken aback at how long I had been driving around without a license.  Although at least it wasn't an expired license!

So, this morning popped off to my local AAA location, and armed with my social security card, and birth certificate, which I actually FOUND...was able to replace it.  Time spent was oh...five minutes, as opposed to an hour or two (if I was lucky) at the local Department of Motor Vehicles.  So I am now in a much better mood.  And legal!  But if I hadn't been buying comics, who knows when I would have noticed? 

Well probably a day or so...but still! 


Lucifer #10

I do like this book.  A lot of it is because of  Lee Garbet's artwork which makes me nostalgic for Loki: Agent of Asgard, which I adored.  Also the writing by Holly Black is topnotch.  In this issue, Big Daddy is back, and crazier than ever.  And that's pretty crazy!  Also Lucifer makes up with Mazikeen, which is rather sweet in a completely horrifying way.  Fights his baby boy and doesn't kill him, which is also nice.  And Gabriel. I like Gabriel. 

Darn good stuff.

Patsy Walker/Hellcat #10

Oh that Hedy!  She manages to con both Buzz and Daimon, Patsy's exes out of spite, and out of spite Daimon sends to her Belial where she has to contend with visions and crap, because it is just too much for these boys to actually wait a second and TALK! 

While Patsy is dealing with old feelings and crap, her posse is busy looking out for her, which is awesome.  Eventually, she wins, Belial gets spanked, and Daimon and Buzz both hang their heads and sheepishly apologize for being douche canoes. 

God I love this book.

The Mighty Thor #11

SHIELD has discovered that Thor is actually Jane Foster and wants to arrest her!  What the charge is, or why this would be an arrestible offence is never uttered.  SHIELD has really been going to pot.  Roz is pretty cool though, since she is desperately trying to keep Agger from dropping his floating fortress on top of Manhattan.  SHIELD doesn't seem bothered by this in the least.  Thor in the meantime had been shot, and was in a bad way, so it was a good thing that Jane Foster showed up to help!

How can this be you ask?  SHIELD is flabberghasted.  I was taken aback, but figured out that...of course, it's Loki in disguise!  Well...it wasn't Loki in disguise at all!  Fortunately, Thor is healed, the fortress is turned into gold, but Thor saves Manhattan, with no help whatsoever from SHIELD, but Roz helps out and finds out that Thor actually IS Jane Foster, and it's all pretty epic really. 

Oh...it Mjolnir in disguise.  Whodathunk?

Archie #12

Well, Archie and Betty hugged and made up in the last issue, but were both witnessed doing so by Veronica and Sayid, who are confused and jealous.  Also Mr. Lodge loses the election and decides to leave Riverdale forever!  As is usual with Archie, his own clumsiness gets in the way of things, and it all goes to hell in a handbasket.  But still it is pretty fabulous.  I think that Jughead has the best reaction, which is to ignore all the drama and just eat hamburgers.

So...another small week, but a darned good week.


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