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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Red Lanterns #40

Well, this is the last one, the final issue of Red Lanterns, and I am depressed.  I wasn't all that excited when it first came out, because I am not all that much of a fan of Atrocitus, but once Guy was shuffled over to the book, in order to get him out of the Green Lanterns where he was consistently upstaging Hal...it really took off.  Charles Soule did a bang-up job of writing about a bunch of misfits, a bunch of ANGRY misfits, who turned out to be heroes in the end. 


Only three of them made it out alive, Guy, Bleez and Rankorr, and Guy is pretty much eaten up by remorse and survivor's guilt.  Plus he's still really really pissed.  Atrocitus had unloosed his Rage Ray over the Earth, and bad things have been happening, and Guy is running himself ragged trying desperately to absorb that rage and help people.  Last issue he came across Rage Baby, and has been hauling the kid around with him since, in a backpack. And I seriously wish that he would at least get some clothes for the kid, it can't be much fun wearing only a diaper!  He's a baby...he gets cold!


So, in this issue, he has returned to Baltimore, and hooked up with his sister Gloria, and trying to explain his current look, and what he is trying to do.  She's using her usual common sense, and telling Guy that he can't rid the world of rage all by himself, but being a stubborn jackass, Guy isn't listening, and when the next ragearama occurs, he dumps her and the baby into a space pod where she'll be safe.

Gloria, bless her heart tells him he is an idiot, and to let her out right now and stop being a martyr.  Guy may be enraged, but he knows when to shut up and listen, and he gives all the rage back.  All of it. And he not only gives back the rage, he gives his Hope as well.

And apparently loses the ring.  Without dying.  It changes the original theory about how the Red ring bearers can't survive without the ring, but hey, that's Guy.  And he has his old haircut back, and a few bandaids, and he is STILL carrying that baby around without a onsie, and he's broke and out of work, and doesn't have a ring, but that old Gardner optimism is still hanging in there.

It's not a bad ending actually. 

I DO hope that Guy will be back with the Green Lanterns, because there are a heck of a lot of Green Rings out there, and let's face it...Guy is a Green Lantern through and through,and frankly, they NEED him, since Hal is off being an idiot.  I know that he is on the cover of the Convergence Green Lantern Corp, but what is going to happen to him afterwards?  I can't live without reading about Guy every month! I'll start to get the dry heaves and withdrawal symptoms, and...and...Gah!

I do know a great artist for a Guy book however.

 photo daredevilsnewsuit_zpszwmvh4rf.jpg

Yes, that's Daredevil from this month's book, by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee.  But change that red suit to green...That's Guy Gardner!


At 6:54 PM, Blogger Garnet said...

Rachelle gave Matt a pretty good super-hunk grade, and that's before this makeover: http://www.livingbetweenwednesdays.com/blog/202
She never did get around to Guy, though...


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