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Friday, August 16, 2013

Green Lantern Corps #23

Well, color me as blue as a Guardian...but the latest bunch of Green Lantern books have been...GOOD!  I am so happy.  I love it when my books are good.

Green Lantern Corps has been concentrating on John Stewart, and the latest batch of rookies.  John was a bit harsh about this particular bunch, and took them off on what was supposed to be a fairly routine mission, only to encounter a cadre of Khunds, who have decided to take advantage of the power vacumn left by the Guardians.  They are running their own little protection racket, and the Lanterns, are too few in number, and frankly have image problems at the moment, thanks to the aforesaid machinations of the late unlamented Guardians.

Not to mention that their rings keep turning off at very unfortunate moments. 

Back on Oa, there is a certain amount of grousing going on amongst the surviving Lanterns, and a bit of sniping at each other.  Poor Salaak is paranoid...and probably with good reason, but he is seen as a toady of the Guardians, so nobody is cutting him any slack.  Kilowog has Salaak's job now, and he's not too sure he's cut out for it.  Nobody really seems to think that Hal has what it takes to run the Corps...and they're probably right.  There is even a bit of nostalgia for the Guardians, they may have been evil, but gosh darn it they made the trains run on time!  Or words to that effect. 

John and his crew of rookies, manage to actually escape from the Khunds, and the rookies seem to be finding their feet as it were.  Meanwhile, Yrra had been taken captive by the Durlans, who also have plans for the Universe in the absence of the Guardians, and even though her ring is also having problems, she manages to escape as well.  She uses her "tether" to get her to John.  John gives her to Soranik.  John also seems a bit ambivalent about just what happened on Mogo.


And finally, Kilowog, Salaak and John discover that the problem behind their rings lack of power, is the lack of power in the battery!  It's not a boobytrap left by the Guardians, at least not on purpose...but Ion, seems to be weak and out of sorts.  And then all of the other avatars of the rings show up and proclaim that they are all dying, and they're going home.

Well!  That's a fine how-do-you-do! 

The art is nice, that is a particularly good looking John, incidentally.  The story is interesting, and has my attention, and I'm pleased at the direction that the Green Lantern books seem to be going in.  That's always a good thing.


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