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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Joyous Reviews

Great Googally Moogally!  What a lovely week this was!  THREE Green Lantern books!  And other stuff.

So, speaking of other stuff...

Batwoman #16

Dagnabit, but this was good.  Wonder Woman, Kate AND Maggie are doing their best to save Gotham, while Medusa is trying to use the kidnapped children in order to call up her mother, the Mother Of Monsters.  They may be Monsters, but dang, they love their Mum!  So Sweet!

Great story, great art.  Read it!

Birds of Prey #16

Well, the new members decide to show up, and naturally, there is a fight.  There HAS to be a fight.  Batgirl vouches for the new Talon, aka Mary, aka Strix, who has a little bit of trouble fitting in.  Also, Condor, from their little jaunt to Japan, also decides to show up, and I have to say...I find him rather amusing.  Also Canary seems to be having certain problems with her Canary Cry, which seems to be getting out of hand...to say the least. 

Nothing too mind-boggling, but a decent issue, nevertheless.

 Fables #125

I liked this.  It has been seemingly wandering all over the place lately, and I have to say that the most recent story with the Cubs in Toyland tale, was getting a tad on the tedious side.  But now we are back to Snow White and Bigby Wolf, and that always makes me happy.

Bigby is searching for his missing cubs, accompanied by Stinky the Badger, in Sleeping Beauty's magic car.  Also we see Mrs. Spratt, who is trying to seduce King Cole, and is probably up to No Good.  And the Fencing Master, who was also in cahoots with Mrs. Spratt and the Dark guy, and  who is ALSO up to no good.  Too bad about that nice troll.  And Snow White gets something of a BIG surprise.

Back to its original excellence.

Green Lantern #16
Green Lantern Corps #16
Green Lantern: New Guardians #16

It makes the most sense if you read them in that order. 


Justice League #16

Let me just go on record as saying...The Justice League is a bunch of idiots.  And I am including Batman. 

After Atlantis is bombed, Aquaman's brother, the King, is naturally very very cranky, and decides to retaliate.  Arthur is doing his absolute level best, to try and defuse the situation, which is rapidly spinning out of control, when the Justice League shows up and starts throwing their weight around, and refusing to listen to his desperate explanations.  Because after all, what does HE know? 

Wonder Woman, is completely moronic, and 180 degrees from her portrayal in her own book.  Superman isn't much better, and Batman doesn't seem nearly as smart as he is supposed to be.  Cyborg is slightly more intelligent than the lot of them.  Flash doesn't seem to be around.  Things escalate rapidly and badly.

The art is lovely of course.  But I can certainly see why Simon Baz had no trouble making fools out of them.

Wonder Woman #16

Fortunately, for my state of mind, Diana is completely awesome in her own book, as opposed to the way that she acts over at the Justice League.  She also behaved quite well in the Batwoman book.  I love Geoff Johns, but he REALLY doesn't seem to have a very good handle on Diana. 

Milan, manages to stop Diana and Orion from fighting...albeit in a rather disgusting manner.  Zola and Hera are joined at the bar by Ares, and Hera is having quite the time with the choices of cocktails.  And they all learn from Milan, who can see practically everywhere, that Zola's baby is with Hermes, and Demeter, and that there is something a little bit different about that baby. 

Meanwhile, the First Born is having quite the time of it beating up avatars of Hades, or whatever.  As usual, the art is phenomenal, and heck, I am loving this book.

And finally,

Young Avengers #1

I loved Kieron Gilllen on Journey into Mystery, and I am enjoying him on this book as well.  It has young Loki, who is probably up to no good at all, Miss America, Noh-varr who is a sexy sexy beast, and apparently really enjoys 1960's Girl Bands,  and WIccan and Teddy, and eventually, Kate, aka Hawkeye. 

The art by Jamie McKelvie and Mike Norton is fabulous, clean and spare and just...just fun.  It's a fun book.
It's a GOOD book, and I am happy to be finally reading it. 

More on Green Lanterns anon!


At 7:26 PM, Blogger notintheface said...

How'd you like Billy Batson's channeling of "Brave" Sir Robin from Monty Python & The Holy Grail this week?

Also, Young Avengers was a thing of pure beauty.

At 11:51 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I don't know why, but I ALWAYS forget to include the back story with Shazam from the Justice League book! The art is quite fabulous too.

But yes, Brave Sir Robin indeed. And can you blame him?

Young Avengers IS a thing of beauty!


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