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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lovely Lovely Reveiws

Now that was a good week!

Batman #8

Bruce is feeling a bit bruised and bent and battered. Alfred is trying to get him to buck up. Then the Owls strike Stately Wayne Manor. ALL the Owls. Man, that's a lot of Owls! Bruce does his thing, and Alfred hi-tails it to the cave, and the Owls are just a little bit surprised that this millionare isn't just rolling over and dying like all the other people in Gotham that have been targeted. And they've targeted a LOT of people! Alfred sends the word out to all the various Bat-People, that the shit has well and truly hit the fan.

Dang it, I love this book.

Batman: Odyssey #7

And so, we come to the end of Neal Adams little Bat Saga...and it has certainly been an interesting ride. To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure that I can sit down and actually TELL you what happened throughout all of this. Batman is a heck of a lot younger and a heck of a lot more callow, and certainly a heck of a lot more fun. He wears a Green Lantern T-Shirt for God's sake, while he is telling his tale to none other than Superman, AKA Clark Kent. And Robin is there, being nubile and joyous, and having fun too. And Ra's al Ghul, and the Sensei who is Ra's son, and Talia, and a whole bunch of trolls, gnomes, nijas, and guys that look like Egyptian Gods, and underworld people, and...and...well, lets just say that it makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER! But I don't care because the art was so pretty, and because Adams just seemed to be having the time of his life, and writing this whole thing like an exercise in Stream of Conciousness.

Bizarre. But a heckuva lot of fun.

Birds of Prey#8

All of a sudden, the Feds seem to be after Dinah, who used to be a spy or something, and they are sending in the goons to bring her back, and her buddies, and they are all fighting, and stuff, and Dinah may have killed her husband, but didn't really want to mention it, and whoo boy, it gets a little weird too. But still... I liked it. I'm interesting in where they are going with this. And I would imagine that the whole Owl thing from Batman may be showing up too.

Fables #8

Well, Therese is apparently declared the Queen of the Toys, and they're all quite happy about it, except that she's getting a wee bit hungry and all there is to eat is plastic toy food. Oops. And one of the other cubs...I think it's Darien goes off on the cool clockwork tiger, to try and find her, while Snow White and Rose Red are searching as well. It's nicely done, and there is the second story with Bufkin at the end, that is an absolute hoot. I like the new story a bit better, it seemed to be meandering for a while there.

Good as usual.

Green Lantern Corps #8

Good Gosharootie!

Justice League #8

I don't quite know why, but I sat and snickered my way through this issue. The League seems to be pretty tight with each other, and they aren't particularly interested in taking on new members even though the Powers That Be would certainly like them too...mainly so that they could get a mole in, and maybe control them better, which is what Steve Trevor sardonically points out.

And Oliver Queen, also the Green Arrow wants EVER so much to be a part of their little superhero club. He keeps showing up at their battles, and keeps asking and imploring and basically begging to join. And Hal...well Hal isn't being very nice. In fact he and Batman are united in thinking that Ollie is a loser. So much for THAT old friendship. And I don't know what Ollie did to tick off Aquaman but he pretty much hates the very sight of him. Barry of course, is the nicest.

The art is ok, except for the one splash page towards the end when they are all fighting Martian Manhunter of all people. This apparently is the reason that they don't want any new members. It is quite gorgeous. But man...I do miss having J'onn. The League NEEDS him.

There is also the back story with our charming young Billy Batson, who isn't really a very nice little boy, but that's ok, because the rest of the foster kids in his new family aren't wrapped too tight either. Love that Gary Frank artwork however, and I must say that I am interested in how both of these stories are going to be going.

Wonder Woman #8

I can't help it. I know it isn't OUR Wonder Woman, but I'm enjoying the heck out of this book. And God help me, I even like her new outfit, as she suits up and prepares to go off and invade Hades realm. It...looks Greek! She's got a nice sword and dagger and shield, and Hepaestus gives her Eros's guns, which makes him a little cranky, but she promises to bring them back. And off she goes with Hermes. They did remember that he can travel to the Underworld, which was nice.

Naturally the Underworld isn't anything like what she was expecting, and naturally she is attacked, and the grace and fluidity of her battle, is gorgeous. And Hermes seems to be enjoying himself as well. They do find Zola, and she's awfully glad to be found, although time seems to have run a bit different for her, than for them.

Then Hades shows up and strikes a bargain with Diana, which doesn't go exactly the way that she planned.

Damn, this was good. And the art was spectacular.

I enjoyed the heck out of my books this week.


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