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Thursday, March 29, 2012

No Whacking...just Reviews

Not a huge week, but not a terrible week either. Is it me, or did March just fly by?

Aquaman #7

Well, Black Manta shows up, and he's pissed...as usual. He kills a nice lady in a jungle, while Arthur and Mera are saving a ship, and trying to find that crazy Dr. Shin, in order to find out what more he knows about Atlantis. Mera isn't quite sure why Arthur is so worried about this, but is going along with it...for now.

Shin isn't all that happy to see them either, although he is QUITE intrigued by Arthur's shiny pretty trident. He also submerges the other artifact that Arthur found, which triggers another hologram of an ancient Atlantean saying that Atlantis is in danger. Then another jungle lady and her big big cat bust through the walls and try to carve Shin into little bitty pieces. TWO cat fights ensue! And it turns out that Arthur knows this lady...and apparently there was a whole thing going on back when he was just a wee Aquaman.

The art is gorgeous of course, and the story...intriguing. You could even say I'm having a whale of a good time!


Flash #7

Man, poor Barry. If he uses his speed, he runs the risk of opening up worm holes in time,or something, but he HAS to use his speed to save Patty, not to mention Iris. What is a hero to do? Well, he does what he has to do. And Captain Cold is so angry, because he thinks that the problems with Central City are all Flash's fault. Apparently so does Patty. But he gets on his big ol' treadmill and does his Flash thing.

Again, the art is lovely, and I'm having fun with it. A spanking good time.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #7

I hate to admit this, but I'm not really all that into this book. It seems to be...dragging just a tad. They are all fighting this Invictus guy,who seems to think he's all righteous, but is just as bad as the bad guys who destroyed his world. Larfleeze is supposedly manipulating them all. Sayd is cranky. Kyle is trying to talk his way out of things. Bleez shows up and is actually coherent, Arkillo likes St. Walker, and Fatality is trying to get Munk to actually do something.

It's...ok. But it's not great. And dang it, I miss having Kyle and Guy together.

Justice League Dark #7

Well, Madame Xanadu seems to feel that unless this bunch hangs out together, terrible things will happen. Terrible things seem to be happening regardless, and there is apparently some cross-over between this book and the I,Vampire book, which I havent' been reading. Constantine is snarky as usual. Shade seems to be having problems, as does Zatanna. Again, it is a very pretty book, and not a bad read, but I'm getting a little tired of vampires.

Tiny Titans #50

Last issue. Bummer. I only picked this up every once in a while, but I always enjoyed it, because...well, because it is just so damned cute. And something that a kid OR adult could enjoy, and Lord knows, there are precious few of those sorts of books around. You'll be pleased to learn that Beast Boy and Terra actually get together. And Superman shows up! And there is going to be a new Superman book, so all is not lost.

But I still wish that this was still going to be around, because Lunch Lady Darkseid just fills me with delight.

The Mighty Thor #12

About the only books that I have been reading at Marvel, are Journey Into Mystery, which is sensational, and occasionally the Thor book, and I'm happy to say that this book must be the end of the mini-series...and dare I say...it actually has a HAPPY ENDING!

Oh My God! How can this be?

Thor was killed fighting the Serpent, Odin stomped off to old Asgard to sulk, and new Asgardia has been ruled by the Goddesses Freya, Jord, and Idunn. All memory of Thor is gone, and in his place was a different Thunder God, known as Tanarus, who was actually Ulik the Troll, and a Real Jerk. Also, Karnilla has been up to no good along with the Troll king and stuff.

Only Loki could sort've vaguely remember Thor, and he and the Silver Surfer manage to get Mjollnir to Thor who is about to be swallowed up by the Demogorge, who eats dead Gods. Naturally being Thor, he busts out, creating all sorts of hammer-inspired mayhem, and shows up just in time to save Asgardia from being overrun by the Bad Guys.

It's wonderful. Evil is defeated, Good triumphs, and Loki tells the kids a bedtime story. One little girl is sad because Kelda had been murdered, but Loki reminds her of Valhalla, and at the very end, we see Bill...born of Bills, regaling his fellow dead heroes with a tale, when who should show up...oh, you know. It's lovely.

Dang, that was a good book!


At 1:07 AM, Blogger MetFanMac said...

May I interest you in Gym Teacher Darkseid, then?


At 12:04 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Have you noticed just how much fun it is to do mundane things to Darkseid?


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