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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday's Reviews of Wednesday's Comics

Well bless me, but what a fabulous fabulous week this was! So let us just leap into things right away.

And without further ado...


I...liked this. It took a couple of issues, but I think that Gail Simone is finding her footing on this book. Barbara begins by going down memory lane, after her encounter with the Mirror guy, but fortunately for her, it all turns out to be a dream. But a most disturbing one. She also finds out that her new roomie, is a whole lot cooler than she had originally thought. After warming up with a bunch of low-life thugs, where she incidentally saves some very nice vegans, it's off to the cemetary where she lays out an invitation...which leads to a confrontation in an abandoned Hall of Mirrors.

Oh Gotham, I love you. You just have SO MANY abandoned things! Seriously, Gotham City's tax rate must be really weird, with so many unproductive taxpayers. Here however, she confronts the Mirror guy, and there is a nice little fight and a lot of psychosis, and...and stuff. And a very unexpected guest shows up on Christmas.

Batman & Robin #4

This is also very good. Nobody has captured Bats and Damian and is holding them in an abandoned Movie Drive-In. (Please see my previous comment on exciting Abandoned Property in Gotham City) and he and Bruce exchange bon mots about what does and does not work, when it comes to crime-fighting. Fortunately, Bruce is thinking ahead, and calls for backup in the form of Alfred and heat-seeking missiles or something, and they manage to get out their predicament.

Later in the Batcave, as Alfred is patching Bruce up, Bruce continues to show why Dick is so much better at handling Damian. Alfred continues to prove that Bruce IS a Dick. And Damian and the Bat Hound begin to bond. The art by Pat Gleason is lovely as always, and I'm enjoying this a lot.

Batwoman #4

Good God, but this is a pretty book. So...so pretty. While Kate manages to have a VERY interesting evening, poor Flamebird goes out on her own, in order to prove something,and only manages to get one heck of a whuppin'. Unfortunately for her she's rescued by Cameron...but not with particularly atruistic motives. She's tricked into giving up Kate's name, and Mister Bones makes his much anticipated appearance. Oh, and Kate is also finally figuring out more about the drownings.

All sorts of interesting things are coming to a head, and it should be quite the ride next issue.

Demon Knights #4

This book also continues to be enjoyable. We find out a heck of a lot more about the Shining Knight, as Merlin enters into the picture. Jason Blood isn't too happy about Merlin, and Vandal Savage continues to be my favorite character. He's just so...so happy! The Horsewoman shows up, but is she friend or...foe?

Green Lantern #4

Really, Hal and Sinetro just need to get a room! More tomorrow.\

The Ray #1

I was of two minds about picking this up, but then realized that it was by Gray and Palmiotti, whom I have enjoyed so much with Jonah Hex and Power Girl. And Jamal Igle is the artist which is always a plus. But I liked the OLD Ray, and I loved that black and gold costume with the stand-up collar SO much.

This however, is awfully good. And funny. That's got to be one of my favorite origins, that's for sure. So do pick this up, it is fast-paced, and fun, and has a charming hero and interesting cast of characters so far. In fact, it reminds me a little bit of Jaime Reyes in his original book...which is high praise indeed.

Resurrection Man#4

We learn more about the Transhuman, and it is actually rather an interesting twist. The Body Doubles finally realize that Mitch isn't lying about not knowing who they are, and he agrees to go with them, mainly in order to figure out just what the heck is happening. And a really cranky angel shows up. It's a little weird sometimes, but I'm liking this book too.

The Shade #3

Oh Shade. You continue to delight me as well. For some reason, Dickie is off to Australia, where he encounters a number of interesting people from his past, and learns a bit about Dream Time, and duels quite the unnusual foe. And all to meet someone out of HIS past. Dang it, but this is good.

And finally, my lone entry from Marvel...

Journey Into Mystery #632

Well, Thor is dead, and Odin went back to Asgard with the dead body of his Serpent Brother, and Bifrost is shattered, because when Odin sulks, he does it in a MAJOR kind of way. There is still the ruins of Asgard in Oklahoma, which is being ruled over by a triumvirate of Goddesses, who quite frankly, can't possibly do a worse job of it than Odin. And Loki, bless his little heart, is still my hero.

Leah has reluctantly come to live on earth, and he's dumped her in a cave. She's not particularly happy about it, and then Hela shows up with a box. It turns out to be full of puppies. PUPPIES! But not just ANY puppies, but the offspring of Garm, and the Hel-Hound, and Loki is presented with the task of finding homes for these little bundles of joy or else...disposing of them. Mephisto takes one, and Gaea/Jord is a sucker for cuteness. Heimdall takes one, and Tyr, and one is posted on the internet, but the last one is a bit of a puzzle, because it is the only one that can talk, and all it wants to do is pee on the rainbow bridge and kill people. But...but it's just SO CUTE! Loki is advised to throw it off the cliff by the World Tree, but he just can't do it. He names it Thori.

Oh, and Volstagg plays Santa for the children of Broxton.

The art is beautiful, the coloring is beautiful, the dialogue is hilarious...there is SO much to love in this book. Which naturally means that they'll be cancelling it any time now, because that seems to be what always happens when I fall in love with a Marvel book. But for now...enjoy!


At 8:47 AM, Anonymous Jimmy said...

I haven't read any of mine from this week yet, but I agree with you on last weeks. The only problem for me is I have a subscription to Green Arrow. Here is to hoping it gets better. I love Action right now.

I am glad you are reading The Shade. I couldn't get issue 1 so I am waiting to read it in its graphic novel form. I really like the character and I have been hearing good things.

I can't wait to read Green Lantern. Every month I almost forget about how good it is and then it comes out and I am wowed. I almost take it for granted right now because I have enjoyed several from the reboot.

At 12:19 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I am very fond of Ollie...just not so much the NEW Ollie. Perhaps when Ann Nocenti takes over, it will be a bit different.

The Shade has been just wonderful...this is the James Robinson that wrote Starman, as opposed to that Justice League crap. It's worth getting the Trade!

I can't wait to read Green Lantern either!

At 2:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bad news about JiM: Even if it isn't cancelled, Gillen says it's going to be finite anyways...

At 7:01 AM, Anonymous Jimmy said...

I love old Ollie...this one is just ehhhh at best. I was hopeful, but it seems like they almost don't know what to do with this non-cynical Ollie. It has to get better with Ann.

At 7:13 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Goddammit! Every single time I fall in love with a Marvel comic, they pull it out from under me! Journey Into Mystery is the Best Book They Have! They took Nextwave away, and the Incredible Hercules, and then Thor the Mighty Avenger!

I'm a jinx.


And yes, Steve, Ollie just hasn't been Ollie lately. Yes, he's a bit on the jerky side, but it's JUST NOT THE SAME! He hasn't called Hal a Nazi ONCE! And what about he and Black Canary? Was that all wiped out as well?


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