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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Geoff Johns and Guy

Everyone says that Geoff Johns has a mancrush on Hal Jordan. I'm not too sure that necessarily go along with that. I think that he likes Hal a lot. Heck, I like Hal a lot, when I'm not in the mood to kick him. I like John and Kyle too. There is no denying that Geoff Johns has done an exemplary job of bringing back Hal...AND the entire Green Lantern Corps from comics purgatory, to the fabulous position it now occupies. Hal is back to being a stand-up and take-charge sort of fellow again, as opposed to the whiny, vascillating maniac he had been reduced to.

But I think that in all of the hoopla over Hal, Guy has been overlooked. That's not unusual of course. Hal has a habit of overshadowing everyone. But what I have noticed, is that in the issues where Geoff Johns writes BOTH Hal and Guy...inevitably, Guy simply shines. He certainly gets all the best lines. For the most part, Hal is reduced to being the set-up man for Guy's snarky comments and witty one-liners. Obviously, there is some affection on the part of Mr. Johns for my favorite red-haired lunatic.

Heck, way back, in issue 12 and 13 for example, when Hal and Guy defy the Guardians and fly off to rescue the Lost Lanterns from the Cyborg Superman, it's pretty obvious that Guy is the hero of that story. Hal lies to him right from the start, saying that he has permission from the Guardians, not to mention that Guy was the one who stood up for him in the Cafetorium on Oa, when some of the other Lanterns wee dissing Hal. Guy probably knows that Hal is lying, but he still flies off with him into the unknown with nary a problem. And when they get back, with all the Lost Lanterns in tow, and are being yelled at by the Guardians, it is Guy who stands up to them and says that it was all his idea, and HE is the one who receives punishment...not Hal. And Hal stands there and lets him do it.

More recently in the War of the Green Lanterns story, there is the delightful issue where Guy and Hal are being influenced to violence by the tainted rings, and start beating each other up. For once, Guy actually gets to let lose, and tell Hal a few home truths...not to mention beating the crap out of him. They do manage to realize that they're being mind-controlled, and cooperate to get to Oa, with all the hilarious banter and one-upmanship that goes with a Hal/Guy pairing. And in the end, it's Guy who manages to save the day, and free Parallax and all that stuff.

Johns does write a very very good version of Guy Gardner. He writes him as being smart and funny and honest. Usually, he ends up being the moral superior of Hal, which I find rather breathtaking. I like Hal, but he can be awfully petty sometimes. Guy is never petty. Obnoxious yes, petty no.

Johns writes a good John and a good Kyle too, but still, I have to admit that I just love it when he gets Hal and Guy together, because it always is magic. Plus he gets to show off his sense of humor more readily. Hal isn't a particular amusing character, and Guy IS.

guy and hal

Man, I just love this picture.


At 3:07 AM, Blogger Shiraste said...

I agree. I think Johns _likes_ to write Guy more although he does an excellent job with Hal & the others, too.

And yep, that fight from War of the Green Lanterns was one of the best issues ever. Love Guy's smirk on that cover too :)

At 11:51 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I think Geoff writes a fine Hal, John and Kyle. But he really seems to get Guy. So does Peter Tomasi and Beau Smith.

And yes, I LOVE that cover.

At 8:09 PM, Blogger collectededitions said...

What I wouldn't give for DC to bring Beau Smith back to write an issue of Green Lantern Corps with Guy. Would love to see that.

At 12:05 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Oh, you and me both! I love Beau Smith!


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