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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Feeling Terribly Cranky

What a day I have had! Firstly, it is Dreaded Tuesday...the most deadly day of the Week. But still, going into work today, I was in a fairly good mood. Everyone else was also in a fairly good mood. I happen to work for a family owned business, now in its third generation, and as with ALL family owned businesses, there is usually at least ONE individual, who is completely and totally useless, but must be tolerated, because he is the brother of the owner.

AKA, my Nemesis.

My Nemesis usually spends his time, going to the post office multiple times a day, and taking the deposit to the bank. He can also be relied upon to yell at people on the phone and run around checking to see how much soap and paper towels the employees are using. You know...useful stuff like that. The rest of his time is mostly spent talking loudly on the phone with the guys at the Country Club, and web-surfing.

Today...he decided to play his music. His musical tastes are roughly that of a thirteen year old girl. He also likes Disco music. He began with Brittny Spears and proceeded to Disco. LOUD Disco music. Since I am trying to answer telephones, I found this to be a huge distraction. Plus I really really HATE Disco music. Except with the possible exception of ABBA, which for some bizarre reason, I've always rather liked. So, I asked him politely to please turn it down.

He laughed.

So I closed his door. Then he turned the volumn UP. Finally, even our office Manager had to take steps, because SHE could hear it from three offices away, and she went in and read him the riot act, and he actually turned the volumn down, because he's deathly afraid of her. Peace and quiet then reigned, and we were able to get some work done while he sulked.

He did eventually turn it back up again, but I was out the door, so I don't care. But I'm STILL feeling a tad surly. So, I thought this would cheer me up. And possibly cheer OTHER people up, who may also have had a crappy day.


Isn't it lovely? I hardly ever watch Young Justice, although I never miss Batman: The Brave and the Bold. For some reason however, I was watching Young Justice, and while Black Canary and Ollie and Speedy fought Poison Ivy's plant on a bridge, who should show up...but Guy. In a different outfit of course...but it was still Guy.

So now I'm feeling a little bit giddy, and no longer quite as cranky.


At 10:39 PM, Blogger Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...


At 4:16 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Oooh, ABBA! John Stewart likes ABBA.

It certainly beats Donna Summer bleating in my poor ears at high volumn.

At 7:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bullies stink. And they're cowards as well.

Sorry about your Disco Inferno, Sally.

At 9:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who knew Guy had the ability to banish cranky? Maybe he just uses it all up himself.

-- Jack of Spades

At 6:54 AM, Blogger Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

I have learned to play my Buck Owens to where only I can hear it.

At 11:52 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Jack, of COURSE Guy has the power to banish the crankiness!

Dwayne, that's what I do at work, play my CD's very very very low, so that only I can hear them. Although I do tend to turn up the Clapton a tiny bit.


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