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Saturday, November 29, 2008


Sorry for not posting as regularly as I normally do,but my computer is still in the shop, and now the backup is giving me fits, dagnabit! I had to order a restoration disc (whatever that is) from Hewlitt Packard, and after spending half the afternoon trying to navigate the Byzantine telephone system and order the aforesaid disc, I finally managed to talk to a human being...who promptly disconnected me.

Finally, oldest daughter went online to order me the disc, and manged it in about five minutes.

So, I apologize for what is probably going to be spotty posting for another week or so. I am distraught!

I DID manage to get my new books however, so here are my lamentably late reviews:

Birds Of Prey 124.........Now that I know that it is cancelled, I was grateful for the opportunity. This was fun as usual, the Calculator betrays the Birds, which is of course QUITE shocking, fortunately, Oracle has a back-up plan consisting of Dinah, Ollie, Mia and Manhunter. Also Barbara manages to destroy just a little piece of the Joker's pride, which delighted me to no end.

Blue Beetle #33...........Same boat as Birds of Prey. Enjoy it while you can. The Teen Titans show up, and as usual are MUCH more appealing here than in their own book. Peacemaker is enjoyable as always and once again, Jaime uses SCIENCE! Oh, and that obnoxious new Doctor Polaris shows up at the end, and seriously rains on Jaime's parade.

Jack of Fables #28........Babe the little blue ox, finally runs out of fantasies, and just says to heck with it. Jack ends up running things...as usual. There is a heck of a confrontation about to commence.

The Incredible Hercules #123.......Everyone else has already said this, but just let me add my voice to the throng...this is just about the best book that Marvel is putting out. Full of action and adventure, Amazons, mythology, junk food, and an extra dose of hilarity. Apparently,like most teen-aged boys, Amadeus Cho really needs a healthy dose of junk food in order to be at his analytical best. Namor is snarky, Namora is awesome, and Hercules just keeps displaying all those loveable personality quirks. Oh, and Hera is up to no good.

Superman 682.......More of New Krypton. I'm awfully glad...GLAD, do you hear me? that Krypton blew up, because Kryptonians are all a bunch of douchebags! Well...except for Kara and Clark of course. Let's just say that Superman's patience is beginning to dissapate. Although Bizarro was oddly sweet.

Thor: Man of War........This is the third of the books that Matt Fraction has written of the past history of Thor, drawing liberally from Norse Mythology, and he's really done a spectacular job. The art is lovely, and the plot keeps you right on the edge of your seat. It's rather a treat to see Thor displayed in a less than flattering light, but it's a whole lot truer to the fickle and contrary attitudes of the old Norse Pantheon. Good stuff.

Trinity #26.......Halfway through, and I continue to enjoy the heck out of this book. It seems to be running under everyone's radar, but it's a good and a fun story, that continues to deliver what it promised. I'm actually enjoying this more than Final Crises. At least it continues to come out every single week, and I do enjoy that.

Wonder Woman #26.....After the Hollywood hi-jinks of last month, things are getting serious. Director Steel has apparently completely lost his marbles, or else something more sinister is going on. I'm partial to More Sinister. The Gods are pissed, and something quite unholy has been unleashed. If T.O. Morrow is worried, you know that it is time to flee to the hills.

Justice Society: The Kingdom.....My GOD, but Grant is a self-obsessed little twerp! Tensions are rising between the members of the Justice Society, those that think that Gog is just the ginchiest, and those who eye him askance. Frankly, I'm with the latter. Gorgeous art, too.


At 8:31 PM, Anonymous Najika said...

"Kryptonians are all a bunch of douchebags!"

That line made my night! It's true too. I'd say it's time for some of the other superheroes to step in at this point.

Speaking of JSA, Grant is being a jerk. I get the feeling he's in for a mighty big fall next issue. I loved it when Al called him Vanity Smurf though.

At 8:10 AM, Blogger Doctor Polaris said...

My pathetic nephew certainly does deserve a good thrashing. If only I were still around to administer it.

At 10:19 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

The Kryptonians DO seem to be just a tad out of control.

Doctor Polaris, I ALSO wish that you were around to school your unruly nephew. On the other hand, I imagine that his comeuppance will be coming about fairly shortly.

At 4:47 PM, Blogger notintheface said...

In fairness, to the Kryptonians, I'm declaring the jury still out on the new Nightwing and Flamebird. Except wasn't Gor the same one that NW & FB subdued in ACTION? How did he get released?

And, yes, Grant was such a jerk that I was rooting for Al to step on the douchebag. Speaking of Al, someone should tell artist Fernando Pesarin that Atom-Smasher's normal size is seven foot four. In KINGDOM there were parts where he was the same size as the other male JSAers. I didn't think Al could shrink.


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