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Monday, July 23, 2007

Wherein I Wrap Things Up...JLI-wise

Yes, sadly Justice League International week is drawing to a close. They went on of course to have so many many adventures, fighting Despero, Bialya, and themselves on a regular basis. Max gets kidnapped and stabbed, Fire and Ice show up, Wonder Woman shows up and they go and fight Khunds. Mr. Miracle ends up dead...but not really...Ice and Guy go on a date, Kilowog joins, they start Justice League Europe, and Power Girl gets her mangy old cat after it beats up Guy and he puts it in one of the teleporter tubes.

And on and on and on. Stuff HAPPENED. And at a pretty good pace, although there was always time for the little personal moments that went such a long way towards establishing the characters of the...well...the CHARACTERS.

And bar none, they had some of the very very best covers around. I give you...


Magquire was just so good at these group shots.


Cool, isn't it? This is the one where Beetle has been brainwashed by Queen Bee, and was trying to kill Max, so Amanda Waller comes in, to deprogram him, except it doesn't work...

And leads to this one...

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And how could we forget this issue? Ice and Guy's first date! Sort of. Wherein Blackhand goes completely bananas, and Guy does his best to help him along.

Guy and Ice

And so on and so forth. Find these and read them. You won't be sorry, and your lives may even be enriched beyond measure.


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