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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Green Lantern Corps #12

Well boy howdy, things are moving fast and furious! I have to admit that I love this cover. The look on Guy's face is just priceless.

Guy pictures

We begin with Vath Sarn and Isamot flying to the same sector house that Guy visited. They are displaying a rather charming cameraderie nowadays. Anyhoo, they enter the room, and there is Guy kneeling by the bodies of Quond and Tanakata Z, looking quilty as all heck. Blood everywhere, and Tanakata has just enough breath to stammer out an accusation against Guy, who looks absolutely stunned. Vath and Isamot are looking a little stunned themselves.

A quick look in on Iolande and Soranik, who have rather cleverly saved the miners,and taken out the Children of the White Lobe, who once again commit suicide rather than face capture. It is amusing watching Soranik be all business, while Iolande is a just a tad too smug about her part in the take-down. She's not smug for long however, since she recieves a message that her father, the King of Betrassus is dying, so Soranik tells her to go home.

Back with Guy, he's being cooperative...up to a point. He tells the other two Lanterns to check the logs, and the rings, but it turns out the rings have been wiped. It's pretty obvious that Vath and Isamot are tiptoeing around Guy, not wanting to piss him off or anything, but still trying to be good Lanterns. The evidence however is starting to pile up against the Guy, and they reluctantly try to take him into custody. Guy's not having any of THAT, and busts out, then uses his Honor Guard status to override the Sector House central computer, which puts it into lockdown, and effectively imprisons Vath and Isamot.

Back on Oa, it is increasingly obvious that things are NOT all that they should be with Kilowog. He's nasty, surly and erupting into rages at the least thing. They hold an inquiry into the death of Stel, and Green Man manages to convince them that it was an accident. Salakk's not happy, and then he gets the message from Vath that two more Lanterns have been killed and they're stuck in the Sector House. You can just see Salakk's migraine start to bloom.

On Betrassus, Iolande's father is sinking fast, when Soranik shows up. She and royal physician kick everyone out, and do their best to save the king. Iolande isn't handling it very well of course, and when they come out and admit that they did their best, but that it wasn't enough to save him, she starts yelling at Soranik It's not very fair of Iolande to be lashing out at Soranik, but understandable, she's grief-stricken and confused. Soranik however is pretty cold and rude back to her partner, and she stomps off in a huff for Korugar. Hmmmm...she WAS on Mogo, not that long ago.

Speaking of Mogo...that's where Guy has hightailed it after ditching Vath and Isamot. He tells Mogo that he's been accused of murder by Tanakata, and that Tana had been on Mogo not that long ago, and was he acting strangely? Mogo pours cold water over Guy's theory that something wasn't right with Tanakata...gosh, I wonder why? Guy is all set to leave, but Mogo starts stalling him. And then Guy's getting a drink from the stream...and GAH! Little glowing yellow lights! Run, Guy, Run!

Oh, this won't end well.

So, Mogo conjures up somebody from Guy's past who knows him well...oh crap! It's his Dad. Now we had been told that Guy was going to face his worst fear on Mogo. I was convinced that it would be the thought of his Mother moving back in with him, but it's his Dad instead. Granted, Guy had managed to reconcile with his Father, back in the Christmas issue of "Warriors", but it still has to be hard to not be afraid of the sonufabitch who beat the snot out you on a daily basis as a kid. It's fun, because to Guy's eyes, his Dad is suddenly huge, and towers over him, as though he were still a child. Guy does realize that Mogo is the one manipulating him, and yells at him to stop.

Meanwhile back at the ranch...er...Oa, Vath and Isamot have finally gotten a hold of Salakk and filled him in on the news. Ke'haan, Boodikka and Brik are all steadfast in their belief that Guy is innocent, and even Salakk agrees with them, which just makes me go squee. They want to bring him in, so that he can explain what happened, but Kilowog...KILOWOG, wants to kill him. This is his best friend, and he wants to put him down like a mad dog. Oh Kilowog, you really inhaled some Despotillis, you poor poor baby. Fortunately, Salakk is still the voice of reason, and sends Vath and Isamot out to Mogo, so that they can interview Guy, and team up with Mogo's partner. Wait...Mogo has a partner? Why yes he does, Lantern Bzzd of Apiaton, and he basically is a fly...or gnat...or little bug thing. Frankly I find this hilarious. He also doesn't take any lip from Vath, and he's a tough snarky little fly...gnat...bug.

Next up, Mogo becomes the Corps worst nightmare! Things are really starting to move along now, and I think it's going to be both exciting and bloody.


At 11:01 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Defintely a hell of an issue. At this point as much as I love Hal if I was forced to choose I think I'd have to stick with the GLC.

At 6:41 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I love Hal too, but one does seem to get more Green Lanterny goodness from GLC. Fortunately, I don't have to chose between them.

At 7:11 PM, Blogger keith champagne said...

And how about the pencilling debut of Tom Nguyen? Big things in store for him...

At 4:41 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I thought that Mr. Nguyen's art blended quite seamlessly with that of Pat Gleason's. All in all, a really fabulous issue.

I can't WAIT 'till next month!

At 12:54 PM, Blogger David C said...

I love this series, and would definitely take it over Hal's title, which for reasons I don't quite understand, I don't like as much as I think I *should*.

BTW, I personally doubt Soranik Natu's behavior has anything to do with Mogo, but is just Natu being Natu. She's a bit prickly, and has fairly good reason to be peeved (though OTOH, I imagine she's encountered similar reactions in her medical career.)


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