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Monday, February 19, 2007

Hal's been in this position before

As you all remember, there was something of a furor over this cover by Ivan Reis when it was first posted. Most of the outrage was directed towards the costume...or perhaps lack of costume...that managed to direct your attention towards Star Sapphire's naughty bits.

However, what caught my attention was Hal's position. Mainly because it was...familiar.

Hal Pictures

This isn't the first time that Hal's been in this same predicament.

Guy Pictures

Fortunately Guy is wearing more than Star Sapphire. But he still seems to be enjoying himself.

John Stewart

Here's John getting into the act. And that's not all.

Hal Pictures

Sinestro enjoys looming over Hal too.

Heck, even Alan does it.

Alan Scott

I do regret that I can't find a scan that shows Kyle standing over Hal. However...!

Hal Pictures

Actually, I'm not even sure that there is a point to all of this, except that Hal does seem to have that passive/aggressive thing going on. And for a change, he's not hitting his head.


At 10:20 AM, Blogger Toriach said...

*L* You have a talent for finding these little connections. If you'll forgive my slipping into analytical mode, I think that the compositions that you showed were probably chosen because showing such a strong willed character as GL in a submissive posture is easy short hand to convey in one image the gravity of the threat being faced inside the comic.

As for the first cover you show I hope you won't consider me off topic if I take a moment to say that I personally think it's been blown out of proportion by some people. It's not as if a character like oh say Batgirl (either incarnation) were suddenly sporting such a revealing costume. Star Sapphire has always used every angle to upset Hal and to prove herself his superior. I feel that the costume is just a continuation of that. I feel that the reaction to Sapphires costume redesign is part of an ongoing backlash against Reis which I feel is undeserved. If every single female character he drew had a barely there costume and huge boobs I could see it. However most of his female Lanterns are in a standard GL uniform. In the case of Arisia, I honestly don't see where what she wore in the Attack Of The Green Lanterns storyline was that different from what she wore during her time in the title in the '80's when it was called Green Lantern Corps. Again if all of the female GL's appearing in that storyline such as Boodika or Laira had sported similar outfits I could see it. But that's not the case. So to be honest it seems like some molehill into mountain action to me.


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At 6:08 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Well, I agree with you that Ivan Reis is a wonderful artist, but I find Star Sapphire's outfit a leetle on the outrageous side. Seriously, if she takes so much as a deep breath, she's popping out of her bodice...I don't care HOW much double-sided tape she's using!

And to be fair, if she's falling out of her costume, then by God, I want to see Hal's strategically ripped!


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