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Friday, February 23, 2007

Ion, Guardian of the Universe: #11

And oh, the plot thickens.

When last we left our doughty hero, he was on an asteroid full of dead Qwardians, and a luscious Donna Troy. Donna is starting to explain her presence to Kyle, when they are attacked by the last living Qwardian, who only manages to stammer out a few enigmatic phrases before giving up the ghost.

So Donna finally gets a chance to explain why she is here, but in a lovely visual effect, her dialogue balloons are greyed, and covered over by Kyle's thought boxes, which is both funny and clever. Donna does eventually get him to stop drooling and pay attention, when they are suddently attacked!

Whoa, Grayven just showed up! I did not expect that at all, but it works out quite nicely. He's all amped up with power and feeling his oats, and is apparently the one behind all the shenanigans that have been going on with Kyle.

Oh, and by the way...How's your mother?

Aaaaaaannd cut...to an exterior view of the asteroid floating quietly in space...until Kyle blows it up in a giant green ball of energy that just looks fantastic.

Needless to say, Kyle is a bit pissed, and Grayven's smuggery is just begging to be wiped off of his face. Fortunately for Kyle, Donna is there to lend a hand, since he's sort of lost his focus, and a very nice battle ensues.

Meanwhile...Back on earth, Guy has followed up on his promise to Kyle to check in on his mother. Things aren't looking good, and the earth doctors are completely befuddled. Guy flies back to Oa, and brings in Kilowog and Soranik Natu as experts from out of town. I really thought this was a great touch, and rather touching in the lengths that the Lanterns will go to, to help one of their own.

Unfortunately, even Soranik is baffled by the disease that is afflicting Maura Rayner, and Guy calls on Kyle to get his keister back to earth. Unfortunately for Kyle, it is right in the middle of his donnybrook with Grayven, so things aren't looking good.

Another small plot device, shows a couple of Monitors observing Donna and Kyle. One of them decides enough is enough and heads out to do...what?

The art was excellent, and Mr. Marz has come through with a well-paced and well-written story, neatly setting things up for the final episode. The only thing is...I wish that it wasn't the final episode, because I've been enjoying Ion.


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