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Monday, June 27, 2016

Very Late Reviews

And back again.  Had a lovely time camping, the weather was bloody perfect, and we went to the Barrett Jackson auction at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, and there were over 60,000 people!  It was a little...insane.  Didn't buy anything, but had skybox tickets which was nice, with the booze and stuff.  Sometimes I really do love my life.

I brought my comics along to read, although there weren't too many.  I was supposed to get the new Hulk book and somehow managed to forget. 

Robin, Son of Batman #13

This I continue to enjoy.  Last issue, Robin saved Suren, the son of the Den
Darga, who was supposed to open up the portal or vortex or whatever it was to bring about the end of the world.  Of course, Suren's dad is just as big a whack-job as the Al Ghuls.  We are getting quite the little club of tween heroes and heroines here, not to mention Goliath, whom I adore. 

There is a lot of fighting of course, and Damian is actually....killed!  Except he's not, and Suren saves him, and they all fly off into the sunset to save the world again.  It sounds simplistic, but heck, it's a darn good comic book, the art is fun, the story is fun, and I LIKE it!

Wonder Woman #l

I still managed to miss the prologue, but I imagine they'll have it out again eventually.  This is pretty good actually,  the art is rather gorgeous, and I do love Rucka.  Her new costume is reminiscent of the late magnificent Darwyn Cooke, and a bit more "Greek" looking, which is always a bonus.

She is off in some jungle looking for answers to...something.  Meanwhile Steve Trevor is fighting some insurgents somewhere and there is a short plump feisty black woman, who turns out to be Etta Candy.  That threw me for a loop at first because I was sure it was whatshername from Suicide Squad, but my brain just farted, and I can't recall anything at the moment.  The alzheimers is catching up to me.

Anyhoo, it's pretty good too.

Doctor Strange #9

The Empirikul continues to wipe out all magic, while Strange and his remaining cohorts continue to try and glean any last remnants that they can. Also there is something really really creepy in Strange's basement. The interesting thing about all of this, is that it is invisible to practically everyone on earth, there is this huge monumental battle going on, and almost no one knows.

This is really really good.

The Mighty Thor #8

A couple of goons from SHIELD try and threaten Jane, which she finds to be hilarious.  Roz, who is Odinson's new girl friend shows up which is only a tiny bit awkward, since they manage to get along pretty well, all things considered. 

Meanwhile, Dario Agger is being confronted at a secret meeting in Switzerland of some of the really heavy hitters, when it comes to wealth and power. The one percent of the one percent. They aren't at all happy with Mr. Agger, and make their displeasure known. 

This...should get interesting.  There is a sad lack of Loki, but you can't have everything.  I am really loving this book, and the art is quite fabulous as well.

So...a pretty good week, if a bit on the small side.


At 4:19 PM, Blogger ShellyS said...

Wonder Woman was wonderful. And I believe the Rebirth issue is getting a reprint, as well as some of the other Rebirth issues.

At 5:09 PM, Blogger Erin S. said...

I love the Greek design for the WW costume. I think I heard the Etta Candy design changed for this issue to make her gain some weight. I haven't bought this run but I heard some spoilers so I'm curious what you will think of the Rebirth issue. Even more curious to see where Rucka takes this.

At 1:45 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I thought Etta was Amanda Waller at first... but I was having a brain farts and couldn't remember her name. But it was a pretty darned good issue. I am just so happy to be able to read Wonder Woman again!


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