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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some Idle Speculation

There was so much going on in the last few issues of Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps and Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors, that I find my poor head simply aswirl with ideas. Oh, there was a lot of fighting and it was all SO colorful, but I always have just as much, if not more fun out of the little personal moments and interactions.

I love Guy and Kyle together, they work beautifully together, it is always nice to have a genuine friendship, and it is a lot of fun. But I have to admit, that I've been having a ball reading about Guy and Hal together for a change. They've done stuff in prior issues of course, but not this much one-on-one interaction since way back in Green Lantern #12 and #13, when they flew off to Biot to rescue the Lost Lanterns.

Guy has been needling Hal relentlessly...but in a fairly good-natured sort of way. Almost brotherly, as in a smart-ass younger brother trying to get the goat of his big brother...which is quite different from the way that Guy treats Kyle. That's brotherly too, but in a different fashion. And instead of having a hissy fit, Hal has been giving as good as he gets, and again...in a relatively friendly way. They've actually been having...fun. Yes, they are alone, fighting the entire Corps, and all the Entities, and Krona, but dammit, they're going to have a good time while they do it. Hal's manic grin the minute he gets strapped inside that hot-rod Space Ship was just a joy to behold. And...and usual...Guy gets all the best lines.

I'm worried about John Stewart though. Killing Mogo...if Mogo actually stays dead...is going to be a HUGE problem. Can the Corps even function without him? Can he possibly be replaced, or can he be brought back? Even if he can, how will everyone feel about John's actions? Kyle certainly wasn't happy about what happened, and neither was Guy, although Guy and John had been sniping at each other right from the start. How much of that is attributable to the rings they were wearing and how much of it was just normal bickering, I'm not sure. John certainly didn't appreciate the remark Guy made about Xanshi...and yet he DID go and blow up another planet! A really really COOL planet!

If nothing else, John has to be sickened by what he did. He keeps saying that he didn't have any choice, and that may very well be...but on the other hand, the hallmark of a superhero is to always try and find that alternative to killing...however justified it may be. I actually think that once Guy calms down, he might sympathize with John a bit more, because he was just in the almost the exact same situation with Sodam Yat a couple of issues ago. He was fully prepared to shoot him down with extreme prejudice, when Arisia flew up and spoiled his aim. I think that he was probably secretly relieved that she did that, but still...he was ready to pull the figurative trigger.

Kyle of course doesn't understand John's thinking, and while the Hope ring may have had something to do with it, I believe that Kyle would always naturally try and find an alternative. He refused to give up on Guy when he was possessed by the Red Ring the first time, and Kilowog had to practically pry it out of him, that Guy had told him to kill him if necessary, to stop him from killing any Green Lanterns. Kyle wouldn't have been able to do what John did, and Guy was prepared to do. I think that Hal could do it if necessary. Hal is fairly pragmatic most of the time.

So I don't know what is going to happen with John, but I'm awfully excited to see what is going to happen. I really hope that Mogo can be fixed somehow, and that John won't have this horrible experience hanging over him, because let's face it...killing off a fellow Lantern has GOT to eat away at him.

Finally, what the heck is going to happen with Guy and Tora? In order to break into the central Battery, Guy is wielding both the Red and Violet rings, Rage and Love, at the extreme ends of the emotional spectrum, and he realizes that his love for the Corps is the most passionate feeling that he has. Well, that and the hate he has for the Rage. Does this mean that Guy doesn't love Tora?

I really don't think so. I think that Guy does love Tora, but the whole situation since she's returned from being an ice cube has been a bit peculiar. He finds her, and pours his heart out to her, and she rebuffs him. Then he takes fright and high-tails it off to Oa. Kyle has been asking him about his feelings for Tora all along, and he's been dodging the question. It's also possibly why he weasled out at the last minute when she came to visit him on Oa, and asked her to shack up instead of marrying him.

Of course there is the problem with Max Lord messing with their heads as well. Presumably Guy now knows that Tora WASN'T trying to kill him, as he was raving the last time that he saw her, but will the writers actually address this problem? Because they are still one of my favorite couples, and I hope that their relationship can be salvaged. It would be an awful shame to throw away one of the best romances around just on a whim. Maybe it's a girl thing, I don't know...but I'm getting a bit fed up with there never being a happy ending.

Speaking of which, I have been rather surprised by Hal's continued concern for Carol. It is rather nice of him to actually care for a change.


I filched this from @#$%yeah Comics. It's by Polly Guo, and it's adorable. And I want it to continue to be true.


At 8:49 PM, Blogger Erin S. said...

I know it hasn't come out yet but I'm almost desperate for Guy to interact with JLI again. He always has such great chemistry with other characters whether he gets along with them or not. And his relationship Jaime and Booster is different than it was with the old Blue and Gold. Plus he needs to speak with Gavril just for a political debate.

I would think that Guy would come to understand what John went through but he is run by his emotions. If a friend kills another friend I can't see him seeing the whole picture, not at first. I will be surprised if the death sticks because I thought Mogo lived until Legion time.

Although I never saw the writers confirm this I have heard fans say that the reason Winick wrote the scene in JLGL was because they wanted to break them up so Guy could see someone else. As for this, I could see the potential for the break up with Guy thinking he hasn't fought hard enough for her. Whether they go through with it or not is hard to tell. I want to say no but I am a little jaded with comics since my favorite couple was split.

At 1:09 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I really don't know what is going to happen with John, but man, he's been put through the ringer, hasn't he?

And yes, I deperately want to have Guy show up in the reconstituted JLI as well. It just wouldn't be the same without him.

I also don't know what the heck is going on with Guy and Ice. She's been awfully (forgive the pun) luke-warm ever since she got back from being dead. Maybe they have just moved on from each other, but dammit, they are just so adorable together!

Dang it.


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