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Thursday, May 05, 2011


My goodness, but that was a tiny tiny week. I can't say that it wasn't worth going, because it is ALWAYS worth going to my beloved comic book shoppe, but still...slim pickings.

But GOOD pickings!

Jonah Hex #67

Now this was a honkin' good story. Jonah has a huge bounty on his head, for a murderous crime spree, and the good sheriff has rounded up a posse to go out and git him. Meanwhile, a group that is bringing some desperately needed medicine to a small-pox plagued town has been attacked by Indians, and are in danger of being wiped out, when Hex shows up and casually drives them off. He even comes back and helps them bring the wagon full of medicine to the striken town. Then of course, he tells them to piss off. Hex goes into the town all by himself, and just about everybody is already dead...except for one man, who is dressed...just like Jonah! It turns out of course, that Hex killed his Paw a while back,and he hit upon impersonating Hex and committing murders as a foolproof method of revenge. I love Hex's lackadaisacal attitude towards the murderer. He's just so confident, that you actually begin to feel a little sorry for the poor bugger. Then the Sheriff and the posse show up, and realize that there are TWO Hex's! The one in disguise is dying from the pox anyway and wants to take Hex with him, so he is screaming to shoot them both. Hex asks what the bounty on his head is...and then shoots the doppleganger, which rather flummoxes the Sheriff. They talk it out and realize what the twin Hex was doing, and it all ends happily. Or at least as happily as a Jonah Hex story CAN end. I loved this.

Secret Six# 33

Well, they are all stuck in Hell. Scandal is trying to rescue Knockout, who is supposed to be marrying Merkel. They are offered the choice of dying for nothing, and staying in hell or dying for something and ruling in hell. Or something. Jeanette is all for the ruling part, as is the Shark. Deadshot simply doesn't care. Catman has his own agenda, he's off to find his dear old Dad, in the company of Etrigan. And he does! Find him, that is. Dad is hysterical and demands that Thomas save him from the Lioness that eats him and poops him out every day. Guess who the Lioness is? Why it's Mum! Thomas and Mom have a nice reunion, agree that they love each other and Thomas leaves his miserable father to be eaten...again. Man, that's cold. But I can certainly see his point. Thomas does ask Etrigan why his Mother, who was a good kind woman, ended up in hell of all places, and Etrigan replies, that the line between Heaven and Hell is pretty thin sometimes,and that this IS her idea of Heaven!

Then Lady Blaze shows up and gives them all a taste of their own personal hells. Bane is being eaten by rats in the prison where he was born, Deadshot is out of bullets and being attacked by all the people he killed. Jeanette meets her husband...the one who looks like Deadshot and he wants to know why she never told him what she was. And my favorite...my absolute favorite is the Shark, who goes into a fancy club, full of women and acclaim and the best of everything...except that it is a VEGETARIAN CLUB!


Things aren't going well, till Knockout finally does remember who she is, and what is going on. Scandal was going to grab her and run, but she finds that she can't run out on her friends, and they all end up coming to their collective senses, and stand by one another...even Merkel. It seems all nice and lovely, even though they all know that they are apparently going to end up here anyway someday. But then Lady Blaze tells Scandal that if she uses the Card to free Knockout, then poor Lianna is going to end up in hell in her place.

Well, crap.

And I also managed to get my greedy little hands on the Captain America/Thor book for Free Comic Book Day. Written by Roger Landridge! Drawn by Chris Samnee! It's like getting an extra issue of Thor: The Mighty Avenger! GOD but I miss that book! It's adorable, and you should definitely get your greedy little hands on it as well~!

Finally, I managed to pick up volume 5 of the Showcase: Green Lantern reprints. This has the stories from the Hard Travelling Heroes, by Denny O'Neil and Neil Adams. The artwork is sublime of course, and I actually HAVE quite a few of this issues, but still, it's a nice way to get my hands on them all relatively inexpensively. But egad...the stories are incredibly overwrought. I'm sure that at the time, this was all considered to be incredibly daring...but it really hasn't worn that well. Ollie is SUCH a douche and Hal is SUCH an idiot. But still, it's a lot of fun in a warped sort of way.

I hope you all had a lovely lovely Wednesday.


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