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Friday, August 14, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #39

Man oh man, I just loved this...even more than Blackest Night, and I loved that too. A LOT!

Green Lanterns

Hell of a cover.

Hell of an interior.

Green Lanterns

In my opinion, Tomasi and Gleason are just knocking these out of the ballpark.

For some reason, I always enjoy the scenes of Guy and Kyle flying through space, possibly because Guy has such panache...usually on his back with his arms folded behind his head...but eating donuts and reading is also quite his style. I also think that in taking Tora on a picnic to Wrigley Field, he has upped the Dating Ante...it's a hell of an improvement over a porn theatre or a cock fight. Look! Wine glasses! Guy's got culture!

Our heroes continue to banter back and forth, and Kyle lets it slip that when he looked into Miri's crystal, he actually lied...he didn't see Soranik, he saw Jade. But he TOLD Soranik that he saw her, and later they did the horizontal mambo. I have to admit here, that I am quite dissapointed in young Kyle. That's much more of a Hal sort of thing to do. And Jade? Blurgggh. I really can't stand Jade. I could see Alex being his one true love a whole lot more than Jade, who managed to cheat on him and displayed numerous other personality flaws.

Guy has the good sense to say that Jade is dead, and Soranik is alive, and to stop trying to mess things up. Guy is smart and it would behoove Kyle to listen to him.

The boys do meet up with both Soranik and Iolande flying to Oa from Korugar, where they have been dealing with the problems caused by the cancellation of Sinestro's execution. For some reason, they haven't heard a peep on their rings about all the crap going down on Oa. Like Guy, Iolande has a certain style when she flies, she's all esconced on a nice little chaise. If you are travelling the distances that they routinely travel, why not do so in comfort? They are, needless to say, quite shocked by the sight of Oa, without the Battery Shell around it. But they don't have much time to discuss it, because unknown power rings are about to hit the fan.

Green Lanterns

Cool eh? I love how they are going right through Iolande's cape, not to mention the black shadow that they seem to be bringing with them.

Meanwhile on Daxam, Arisia is perfectly willing to help the newly empowered Daxamites rebuild after their battle with Mongul and the Sinestro Corps, but Sodam Yat's miserable wretch of a father insults and then manhandles her, so she leaves, and who can blame her? Man, I really can't stand those Daxamites. What a bunch of tools. Especially Yat Senior. C'mon Sodam, turn the sun red again!

We also have a few interesting moments with Kryb...oh, and Mongul has moved on from Daxam and has invaded Korugar! He's been a busy little tyrant! This won't end well, since Sinestro is on the loose and I don't imagine he'll be all that happy about what is happening to his home planet. Sinestro may be a megalomaniac, but he's always cared deeply about Korugar. Can't you see him saving it from Mongul and being hailed as a hero?

Kyle, Guy, Soranik and Iolande are trying to hold back the Black Rings, and not having much luck, as they break through the barrier, and into Oa itself. They ignore the Lanterns, and focus on the Lantern Crypt, which is being guarded by Morro. He does his best to defend the Crypt, but can't hold back the rings, as one by one, the dead Green Lanterns are taken.

And all hell breaks loose.

Interestingly, the Black Lanterns can see the emotions expressed by their foes, usually, wrapped in the appropriate color aura. For example, back on earth, J'onn saw Hal as green for Willpower, while Barry was all blue for Hope. Here, B'zzd sees Kilowog and Kyle in green, but Guy in red for Rage. That sounds ominous.

Oh...and Jade shows up. For some reason, Kyle isn't as happy as he could be.

This...this is sooooooo good.


At 8:07 PM, Blogger Duskdog said...

I think Mongul might be in double trouble, considering that Atrocitus is likely to come to Korugar to tear it apart looking for Sinestro's daughter. Then again, the last time we saw Atrocitus, he was scrying out the whereabouts of the Blue Lanterns, so maybe he's going to Odym to jump into the Orange/Blue fight already in progress?

I bet Tora loved her date with Guy. Sure, it was a ballpark, but it was also a romantic candlelit picnic with wine... and the ivy really was pretty.

But Kyle! I'm still mad at you!

At 7:48 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Kyle needs a spanking...and I think that he's about to get one.

At 10:12 AM, Anonymous Ventolin said...

I like this comic book too much.. well honestly I love the cover, I never had seen something as detailed as it, I'm definitely shocked.


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