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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #3


Good grief, that's one ridiculous cover! Geez Carol, you really should put those things away before you put somebody's eye out.

Anyhoo, as I have managed to pick up from the other reviews, there are two stories, the first with Kilowog as a rookie, and the second with Arisia, and how she came from a long line of Lanterns, and finally, the pencils of Ivan Reis's Blackest Night, along with commentary from Geoff Johns and the editors. There's been a fair amount of whining, which I don't really understand.

I LIKED this. I love little slice-of-life stories about my favorite characters. That's one of the reasons that I always adored Green Lantern Quarterly and Justice League Quarterly, and some of the other anthology books that would tell short stories, that didn't necessarily fit into the main books. So it doesn't have much to do with Blackest Night? Who cares? Besides, there is the distinct possibility that these stories may turn out to be important later on.

And just because Guy shows up in both, and Hal doesn't...has NO bearing on my feelings.


The Kilowog story was rather nice. I always like stories about Kilowog. The Arisia story was certainly beautifully drawn and colored. REALLy pretty. I was a little bit confused at seeing Guy in the cafeteria scene since I thought that Arisia's membership predated his. Oh well. I also did not know that Tomar Re was an author.

So I'm happy, and it was worth waiting for. Maybe I'll go and read it again.


At 7:30 PM, Blogger Duskdog said...

Yeah, the Guy in the cafeteria thing is a continuity slip.

I enjoyed the stories -- I just feel a little cheated by the BN #0 commentary at the end. I would rather they lengthened Arisia's story if they didn't have another tale to tell us.

Though you know, the treatment of Arisia here pretty much backs up my criticisms of Geoff's lame attempt to make Hal look like less of a sleaze for dating young Arisia. Maybe she is 200-whatever years old here, but she certainly acts and is treated like a teenager. Obviously she was still quite young by the standards of her people. For shame, Hal!

My favorite of the Tales of the Corps stories was probably the Saint Walker story, followed by the Bleez story (which might have been first if more pages had been devoted to it). And Kilowog! Arisia's was nice, but could have used some more pages, as well.

This is why we need a new ongoing quarterly Tales book, DC...

At 5:38 AM, Blogger Sea-of-Green said...

Yay, you finally got it! Aren't Ivan Reis's pencils gorgeous? He doesn't need an inker (no offense, Oclair) or colorist -- his pencils alone are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous ...

The Kilowog and Arisia stories are good, though I was disappointed to learn that Kilowog DIDN'T originate the term "poozer."

Also funny to think that Arisia used to tell Hal that he reminded her of her dad. *Snort!*

At 11:55 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Ivan Reis's pencils are indeed superb. It would have been nice to have had a little more to the Arisia story, but I am grateful for the little bit that we had, at least.

I liked ALL the Tales of the Corps, but Duskdog is absolutely right...we NEED another Green Lantern Quarterly book. I miss it so. I even miss those silly G'Nort stories they always seemed to have.

I still want G'Nort, who is MIA, to come and be the hero in Blackest Night.


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