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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Extremely Quick Reviews

Just about to fly out the door to go to Limerock Park for the Historic... my favorite race of the year!  All the antique race and sports cars from the '30's and '40's and so on... and they drive so carefully because nobody wants body damage for God's sake. sir Sterling Moss is coming over from Old Blighty because he had such a good time last year that he decided to do it again and he is bringing his collection of antique Mercedes with him.

It is going to be glorious.

But onto comics!  Not a huge week for me.

Harley Quinn and Power Girl #3

I think this is actually from last week, but it is a hoot as usual. The girls are doing their best to rescue Vartox, and there is a whole lot of trippiness along the way. Too bad that Vartox has mind control going and is evil now! As opposed to just being smarmy.

It's all good silly fun, and lord knows there hasn't been much of that lately at DC. This is my only DC book for the week. Passed on Green Lantern, which gave me a slight pang, but oh my... it has been so incredibly... Boring!

Daredevil #18

he last issue of Mark Said and Chris Samnee's run... and oh what an incredible run it has been! They don't disappoint either. Matt was left in a really bad situation, with no possible way to triumph. But then he does rather excel in doing the impossible, and manages to turn the tables and not only rescues Kirsten and Foggy, but delivers a takedown of the Kingpin that is simply... epic.

They wrap things up neatly and make itossible for the next team to take over without having to go through tortured rectors. I do like it when the writers put their toys away neatly... its just good manners. I think that this book and the Loki: Agent of Asgard books really stand out as how to write an epic story, and provide real change to the characters while still making that change be completely believable... nay, even inevitable.

But I am really going to miss this book.  Ten thumbs up!

Groot  #4

This is just fun. Rocket is still kidnapped, and his kidnapper is getting a bit impatient because Grout hasn't shown up yet. Rocket explains that he will get there in his own time and fashion. Meanwhile, Groot has managed to pick up a trio of inept but rather amusing Skrulls, the Munition, a robot with aspirations and a nice cosmic being with adequacy issues.

It all is just so... terribly cute. And fun. I really do enjoy this book.

And finally...

Thor #3

On Battleworld, the police force which consists of all Thor (and Storm) are investigating the murder of Beta Ray Bill and all the Jane Fosters and Donald Blake. Naturally they pick up hobo Loki and try to grill him.

That goes over about as well as you would expect it to. Except that Loki apparently isn't the killer, he is actually an informant. Of course nobody ever said that the Thor are bright. Ultimate Thor follows the clues that Loki gives him and finds the mass grave of James and Donald in \zombie land, and in turn gets beaten almost to death by Asshole Thor, or "Raney". I honestly am not sure who Asshole Thor is supposed to be, but boy is he a jerk! Then our Thor...Mjolnir-less Thor shows up.

While I will be glad when this whole crossover is finally over, this is not a bad diversion.

So...a small week.  But not a bad week.

Have a lovely Labor Day Holiday!


At 7:32 AM, Blogger googum said...

I really enjoyed Daredevil, but really feel bad for the next creative team that has to follow that and roll things back so the comic looks like the Netflix series! ("One day they just woke up and didn't remember any of it...")

At 12:49 PM, Blogger Martin Gray said...

What a fine issue, and I'm so pleased that a bit of publicity heavily implying one of the regulars would die proved false.

At 3:55 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Daredevil was indeed quite glorious... and I am going to miss it desperately.

At 7:05 PM, Blogger Erin S. said...

I think I'm just getting frustrated waiting for plot points to be concluded because I didn't feel this issue of Gotham Academy. It also reminded me a little of an episode of Batman the Animated series. Which might be why I got confused with the daughter part because I thought he created one but he actually has a daughter?


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