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Friday, March 18, 2011

You Can Tell It's A Full Moon...Almost

All kinds of interesting things are going on! People are playing Basketball for one thing, and my beloved UConn Huskies have advanced over poor old Bucknell. And all the crazy drivers are driving MORE crazily!

And speaking of athletes...there don't seem to be a whole lot of Superheroes who are professional athletes. This occured to me from out of the blue, while watching Tiger Woods on Jimmy Fallon the other night. Oh sure, you have Guy and Booster playing football, not to mention Steel, but that was in college. And I think that Northstar was a skier or something. Not a lot of golfers however. Fallon was making quite a few zingers at Tiger's expense, and did thank him for being such a great target..."balls, shafts, holes, foursomes...!" It writes itself!

And because my mind is strange and twisted, all I could think of for some reason, was Hal Jordan. Because being a test/figher pilot does lend itself to the same sort of innuendos. There's that whole "You've never flown with ME!" stuff for one thing. And his call sign is High Ball. And there are joy sticks, and cockpits, and ejaculator...er...ejector buttons. And so on and so forth.

Oh Hal.

hals ass

So naturally I have to show off Hal's incredible ass.

And speaking of moons...tomorrow night is supposed to be quite the spectacular show. The moon is at the perigee of its orbit, and it's closer to the earth than it has been in about 20 years or so, so the full moon should be QUITE fabulous.


At 1:29 PM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

Off the top of my head, Wildcat and Sgt. Rock were both boxers (Rock was semi-pro, whatever that means). Flash Thompson (who is wearing the Venom symbiont on military missions now) was a boxer for a time in the '90s, and tried out for a football team in the '80s (before he was framed for being the Hobgoblin). Spider-Man was briefly a pro wrestler (Ultimate Spidey was too, for a little longer).

It's probably too time-consuming and leads to too much publicity for someone who wants to keep a secret identity. Plus, if they have super-powers, it's not really fair (which is why Spider-Girl quit high school basketball).

At 7:42 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Those are good examples. I completely forgot about boxing for some reason...probably because I never ever watch it. If it doesn't have a green glowing boxing glove in my opinion, then forget it.

But I can't think of any golfers that are superheroes, that's for sure.

At 11:58 AM, Blogger MetFanMac said...

THRONK is a sound effect that should be used more in comics IMHO :-)

On the villain side, there is one who has sports, including golf, as his motif--Sportsmaster--although I can't remeber offhand if he ever played professionally.

At 8:38 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

"Thronk" is indeed a lovely sound effect.

I think one of the problems with making a golfer a hero OR villain, is that it's hard to come up with a costume that is MORE ridiculous than an pair of loud plaid golf pants. And also, the hero or villain would have to beg for absolute silence every time he or she tried to do something.


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