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Thursday, March 24, 2011


An interesting week, that's for sure. So let us get to it.

Fables #103

This...was ok. Not a whole heck of a lot happens, it seems to be mostly set up for the great confrontation, but we get to see some of my favorite characters, so that's ok. But Geez Louise, is Ozma ever a pill! Frau Totenkinder may not have suffered fools gladly, but she was never petulant. Ozma is VERY petulant. And rude. Gepetto is up to his old tricks, while the North Wind is feeling conflicted. Oh, and Bigby and Snow manage to have themselves a fine old time.

Good. Not great, but good.

Green Lantern 64. Well! I honestly did not see that coming. Geoff Johns always manages to surprise me.

Green Lantern Corps #58. Just as Good! More, anon.

Justice League: Generation Lost #22

Oh great. Wonder Woman finally makes her appearance, since her murder is apparently what Max has been planning all along. And he used the JLI to get a hold of Checkmate again. Fortunately Tora isn't swearing in the issue. And Jaime is all right, and they are all happy about it,which is nice. But on the other hand, the GODDAMNED Batman shows up as the Deus Ex Machina, so that he can save them all from themselves. I'm NOT particularly happy about Batman coming into save the day for all of them, in fact I find it a bit infuriating. I would love it if J'onn or Guy showed up, since they were actually IN this incarnation of the League. I know that Batman was too, but he was always acting like a disapproving parent.

Oh, and Wonder Woman doesn't know who anybody is.


Justice League of America #55

Quite frankly, I can hardly tell WHAT is going on in this book. I really detest the artwork, it is a muddle mess. In this book, Supergirl is still flying about in her "evil" black suit, but I just saw her in her own book in her regular happy colors. Jade is annoying. Alan is sick or something, Eclipso is skulking around, and for some reason, Doomsday shows up and starts tossing people around. I swear to God, on the very last page when the Cyborg Superman shows up, it took a couple of readings before I realized that he wasn't an Ad of some kind, but was actually rising up out of Boodika's chest plate.

Oh good grief. This was kind of a mess.

Ruse #1

I think that this actually came out last week and I forgot to pick it up. I collected all of the original books and quite enjoyed them, and this is fun as well. Poor Emma. She still never gets the credit. But this was well done, and I plan to continue with it.

Supergirl #62

I usually never pick this book up, and the only reason that I did, was because both Jaime an Damian were on the cover. Alas, they really don't have much to do, and since I seem to be coming into the middle of a story here, I am at something of a loss as to what is going on. Didn't like the art at ALL. So...meh.

But boy oh boy, I sure did love me some Green Lanterns.


At 6:19 PM, Blogger Volcano Todd said...

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At 6:20 PM, Blogger Volcano Todd said...

Did Winick know about WW's awful JMS reimagining when he began JL:GL? I'm wondering if her involvement was his plan from the start and had to work around that storyline.

Either way, I'm not sure it works. Sure, WW killed Max, but for a year-long story focused around the JLI, it seems a bit "off" to have her be the focal point of his revenge. I have most of the "bwahaha" JLI issues, but not the latter ones, so maybe I'm wrong, but I don't believe WW was ever a part of that team. It just seems to me you would want to make the ultimate threat something closer to home - or at least grander than the life of a single hero (granted, a major one) who does not have close ties to the team at hand.

To make a poor Marvel comparison, it would be like if The Champions reunited to take on Rampage who was plotting to kill Thor.

Kudos if you can actually make sense of that.

At 7:38 PM, Blogger Erin S. said...

Nope, Winick said he had to change it because of the WW/time whamming but he loved the irony. I don't think it's too off, yeah it focused on the JLI but they did remind us of his death for a few panels and well, it's sort of the reason he's in Brightest Day. I think WW was part of the main league around the time Guys' clone Joe came around. I can't recall if Max was still there.

Not happy about Bats either but maybe it has to do with Booster not being able to take the credit? Dunno if that's what Winick was trying to do.

At 1:07 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Yes, I think Winick did have to write around the whole JMS mess with Wonder Woman. And she DID join the team, but it was quite a bit after the Bwhahaha days. Guy was wearing the yellow ring at that point, and Bats and Superman had more or less quit. She was recruited, and Guy was pretty pissy, until she asked him for his advice, and from that moment, they got along just fine.

For some reason Wonder Woman and crazy Guy always managed to get along pretty well.


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