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Friday, May 28, 2010

Green Lantern Corps #48

Although I am STILL in a snit over the mishandling of Guy and Tora in Wednesday's Justice League book, I will try and control that, because this is the first issue of Green Lantern Corps by Tony Bedard and Adrian Syaf...and it's not bad at all.

It IS of course one heck of a hard act to follow, what with Peter Tomasi and Pat Gleason hitting it out of the park on a regular basis. But Bedard gets off to a very good start, by having Ganthet and Guy teamed up on the very first page. They are in search of Atrocitus, and apparently are fleshing out that scene from Green Lantern, wherein Ganthet has a quest,that he wants Guy and Atrocitus to aid him in. Guy is up for it, although he's pretty sure that it is going to piss off Hal. And considering that all Atrocitus wants to do is eat the rest of the Guardians, it must be fairly important.

The art gets off to a nice start with this...!

guy,ganthet and atrocitus

A Green Lantern Butt! And a darned nice one!

Sadly, that's all we'll see of Guy for the rest of this issue. But Ganthet goes off to visit the few remaining Guardians, and...quits. Being a Guardian that is, he is still going to be a Green Lantern, out getting his hands dirty. When the rest of the Guardians start to get snotty, he points out that they were all a bunch of idiots, lead around by the noses by Scar. One of them then gets sniffy about how things always go bad when a Guardian takes a name, but for the most part, they take it fairly well. Perhaps it has begun to dawn on even THIS bunch that they haven't exactly been covering themselves with glory lately, and had to have their tiny blue butts saved by the Earth Green Lanterns...again. Ganthet then flies off to forge his own ring and lantern, which is apparently quite difficult to do. But he ends up with a very nifty looking battery.

Meanwhile John Stewart is on Oa, helping with the rebuilding. There is a nice bit where Ganthet points out that a lot of the buildings are less than a million years old, so it's no WONDER they fell down. Heh. At least he and John get to have a nice talk about architecture. Then the Guardians call John in for a consult at the Citadel for a mission...sending him off to look for Stel, with Alpha Lantern Boodikka.

This...probably wont' end well. Since it appears that the OTHER Alpha Lanterns are up to no good, grabbing rookies, and forceably "converting" them to Alpha-ness. Really, who thought that turning perfectly good Lanterns into Manhunters was a GOOD idea? Oh wait...it was the Guardians!
So here's another fine mess they've managed to get themselves into...and John and Kyle are probably going to be the ones to clean up the mess.

Oh, and Kyle has moved in with Soranik. She's not dead yet, which is probably a record.

The Lanterns aren't quaking with fear, nor are they being mind-controlled, so I enjoyed this immensely.


At 2:39 PM, Blogger Duskdog said...

I really loved the discussion about Oan architecture. Little touches like that usually make for a very enjoyable story for me. I'm still not thrilled about the idea of Ganthet as a GL because I don't really think we need someone hanging around being all know-it-all, but if they give him a lot of good characterization (like let us see him worry about Sayd a bit, maybe?), then it might grow on me a little.

It also amuses me how quick Kyle was to point out to John that it was Soranik's idea that he move in.

And poor Stel! Last issue I couldn't help but think that sticking on Oa training rookies is the best thing for Stel -- at least if he's not out in the field as much, he might actually get to go six months without getting most of his body destroyed! And now, one issue later, we find out that he's gone and gotten himself lost/kidnapped off-panel.

At 2:53 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I liked this issue, and the bit about the architecture too. I'm not TOO thrilled about the Alpha Lanterns because I can't stand them, but maybe we'll get rid of them, and have Green Man and Boodikka BACK again, which would be very very nice.


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