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Friday, January 15, 2010

It Was a BIt of a Small Week

In all of the excitment, and all the wonderful news coming out of DC, I rather forgot to do my reviews. Or at least say what it was that I liked in my books this past Wednesday.

Booster Gold was fun as always. I AM going to miss Dan Jurgens...he draws SUCH a pretty Booster. The Royal Flush Gang showed up, which is always nice, and Booster trounced them, as he always does. There were more time shenanigans, and it has finally dawned on Michelle that she's right in the middle of Coast City, and that bad things are about to happen.

In the backup feature with Blue Beetle, we finally get to find out why the scarab has been so bloodthirsty lately. Apparently, the scarab had been damaged, and that was why it and Jaime were able to bond so nicely. But now that it has "rebooted" it's back to its original nefarious purpose...and apparently now, so is Jaime! Cliffhanger!

I've only been picking up Adventure comics on a sporadic basis, but I simply can't resist Krypto and a dinosaur on the cover. Man...Lex Luthor is a real jerk.

I liked the Blackest Night:Catwoman issue. I simply can't resist Selina when Adam Hughes draws her looking like Audrey Hepburn. The Black Mask shows up as a Black Lantern and tries to do some rather reprehensible things, first to Selina, and then to her sister Maggie. Maggie, unfortunately is not wrapped too tightly. But Harley and Ivy are cool. Ivy in particular comes up with a great solution to the problem of Black Lantern regeneration. A nasty solution, but cool nevertheless.

I also liked Blackest Night: The Power of Shazam. It's nice that you don't have to buy all of the tie-ins, but if you do, they fill in a little of the background, without having that much real impact on the main story. You don't have something eathshattering happen in some obscure side book, so that the main story won't make any sense without it.

My sentence structure is getting convoluted. I'll just move on. Basically, Osiris comes back to life as a Black Lantern, and so does Sobek. Oddly enough however, Osiris seems to retain actual feelings of regret and heroism...unlike the rest of the Black Lanterns. Not a bad little story at all.

Secret Six continues the crossover with the Suicide Squad. It turns out that the House of Secrets has some backup security that nobody DREAMED of!
Waller is fabulous as always. It finally dawns on the Six and the Squad that perhaps there is something worse out there, and that they have to cooperate instead of trying to kill each other. And Count Vertigo shows up,which always pleases me. I like Count Vertigo. He's...suave.

Catman and Bronze Tiger chew on each other for a while. Jeanette and Ragdoll are in big trouble. Dead people show up. I love this book.

I hope that you all loved YOUR books.


At 2:37 PM, Blogger James Ashelford said...

Thank you thank you thank you, Sally, that's been bugging me for days. Hepburn, of course, she looks like Hepburn.


At 3:25 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Well, it seems as though she does...and I love Audrey Hepburn anyway.

No wonder Bruce is smitten.

At 5:17 PM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

I looked through Booster Gold quickly. Nice to see the promised run-in with Cyborg Superman is drawing near. Can Booster and Brainiac fleeing a T-Rex be far behind?

Did you notice the art in places having a Howard Chaykin feel to it? I'm guessing that was the influence of the person that had lsited as "Finished art", whose name escapes me. It was kind of strange, compared to Jurgens' usual art.

At 5:58 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Y'know, in places, I think that you're right. Towards the latter part of the book, the inking was...a bit heavier and a little more scratchy.

John Stanisci is listed as the finish artist, and I assume did some of the inking. The front part of the book looks to me, to be all Jurgens. I suppose it is possible that he ran into a bit of a time restraint, and needed someone to help with his layouts.

You have a good eye, Calvin.


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