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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Oh, the Giddiness of it All

Oh...My! That was a very very nice Wednesday! Some absolutely spectacular books came out, and I'm just wallowing in the comicy goodness of it all.


Action Comics #870...was AMAZING! Let me just explain, that I only started picking this up quite recently, when Geoff Johns came on as the writer, as a matter of fact, and the start of the Brainiac story arc. While I've always liked Superman, I thought he was a little on the dull side. But, along with Morrison and Quietly's All-Star Superman, Action Comics has been a fascinating take on the story and character of Superman.

Imprisoned on Brainiac's ship, Superman manages to defeat him, rescue Metropolis AND Kandor, gets Supergirl to save the earth, and then in his moment of greatest triumph, suffers a devastating loss. In saving Martha, Jonathan Kent suffers a fatal heart attack, and Clark, rapt with delight before the revived city of Kandor, doesn't at first hear his Mother's cry for help. He does eventually, and the artwork as he flies desperately to her aideis gorgeous, but he's too late,and I'm sure that will be something that haunts him. Beautiful artwork by Gary Frank, and an excellent story. The look on Brainiac's face as he lands in the swamp is just perfect.

Final Crises: Revelations, Part 3...This was...ok. All tying into the Final Crises story, and Spectre is having problems, and Mercy is having problems, and Lord knows, that the Question is having problems.

Green Arrow/Black Canary....Awwww...this was actually kind've cute. Mia and Dodger ostensibly go out on patrol, but they're really doing the town...much to Dinah's amusement and Ollie's consternation. Mia confesses that she's HIV positive, and Dodger takes it like a gentleman. Connor wanders in, shirtless,which is a bonus, and begins eating chili, forgetting that he's a Buddhist/Archer/Vegetarian. Being stabbed in the foot with a knife also doesn't seem to bother him. That was a heck of a knife that was in the bread, and that later fell into Connor's foot, by the way. You don't USE Butcher knives to cut bread, a serrated one would have been much better. I didn't hate Winick this week, and the art was cute.

Green Lantern #35...Oh yeah! I'll get to this later.

Green Lantern Corps #29...Oh HELL YEAH! I'll get to this later as well.

Secret Six #2...And the love continues. I hardly know where to start, I'm just gushing with delight over this book. Catman fights Batman! And does a pretty damned good job! Meanwhile, while he's distracting the Bat, the rest of their motly crew breaks into Alcatraz, and extracts a highly reluctant Tarantula from custody. Quips and fists are flying. Who knew that Batman likes burritos? And the Villain of the piece, makes an exTREMEly villainy speech. The dialogue is snappy, the artwork is gorgeous, and I just enjoy the HECK out of this book.

Trinity #19...Dagnabit, this book just keeps getting better and better. They are now exploring the ramifications of a world without the big three, and the implications are quite interesting. Plus Alfred shows up, and things are hinted at, and...and it's just GOOD! The backup story is fun too, Firestorm shows up and doesn't understand how things are so altered.

Wonder Woman #25...The Queen of Fables is SUCH a perfect villain for Wonder Woman, and it certainly is nice to see a different bad guy/girl than Circe for a change. The "filming" of the Wonder Woman movie is going on throughout their battle, and the comments and thoughts of Diana throughout the whole debacle are just priceless. Seriously, I snickered my way through the whole book. Plus the ending, with Diana bringing the little bracers for the two little girls was adorable. I love Gail Simone.

Lone Ranger #14...this comes out on a rather erratic schedule, and it isn't too long, but what the heck. The art is purdy, and it's a Western, dadgummit. I love Westerns.

I also finally got the second part of the Two-Face: Year One series, and it was really very good. Nice art, and the sepia tones of the coloring gave it an old-fashioned look.

I hope that everyone enjoyed their comics this week!


At 5:32 PM, Blogger Sea-of-Green said...

Double the Green Lantern goodness! :-) Ooh, ya gotta love it, gotta love it! Why can't they do this EVERY month?!? Why? WHY????

At 6:14 PM, Blogger Duskdog said...

I do love having two GL comics in the same week, but... that means a whole month at a time with no fix!
I sort of like them being two weeks apart. That way, I never quite get a chance to go into withdrawal.

I've already posted way too much babbling on GLC #29 myself, but I'm dying to see what you thought.

As for Action Comics... maybe I ought to start picking this up. Like you, I always found Superman likeable but a bit boring. But a lot of people seem to really be digging this book right now.

At 6:15 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

It was awfully nice to have the two books together, but on the other hand, I think I'm with Duskdog, I prefer to have them come out two weeks apart, so thatthe goodness is spread throughout the month.

What I'd REALLY like of course, is for them both to come out EVERY week, but unfortunately, that would kill the writers and the artists, and we can't have that.

I mainly picked up Action Comics, because Geoff Johns was going to be writing it, and I love what he's done with the Green Lanterns, and the Justice Society. So far, I haven't been disappointed. And Gary Frank is an excellent artist, which certainly helps.

At 11:12 AM, Blogger Your Obedient Serpent said...

If the events of Connor's miniseries are still in canon, then bathing in the dragon's blood should have left him stronger, faster, unaging, and with the ability to heal most any wound.

It sounds like someone may actually be paying attention to that.


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