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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Green Lantern Corps #24

Oh, the plot is thickening very nicely.

Green Lanterns

As you all recall, the Guardians sent certain members of the Corps out to look for yellow rings. The various pairs of Lanterns have met with a certain amount of success, sending the captured rings and/or bearers off to Oa, to be imprisoned in the rapidly expanding sciencells. However, Sodom Yat and Arisia have failed to check in, and the rest of the group, headed by Guy and Kyle are searching for them.

So far, they've managed to trace their rapidly dwindling energy signature to a singularly disgusting planet. Dead bodies and other decaying matter encircle the place, and the Lanterns have to fly right through it, with various reactions. Iolande is just revolted, while Soranik is curious. Issamot isn't too thrilled either, while Vath realizes that some of the bodies are dead soldiers from the Rann/Thanagar wars. Bzzd has hitched a ride on Stel, which is probably the smartest thing that he could do, and is busy dishing out directions, to Stel's annoyance.

When they finally get to the surface of the world, it is covered in blood as well as Black Mercy plants. Kyle and Guy are the only ones who seem to recognize what they are dealing with, and they have the rings give a quick synopsis, which is handy for new readers. At least now they know what they are dealing with.

Back on Oa, Kilowog and Salakk are discussing the pros and cons of having all those prisoners and all of those rings on Oa. Salakk and the Guardians are for it, Kilowog is against it. We do get to see a bit of Voz, which is nice. I like Voz. Although he's looking less "bear-like" and more "sloth-like" as depicted by Pat Gleason, who of course, does his usual fabulous job. Then things get REALLY creepy, as all of the prisoners freak out, and start using their own blood to make Parallax symbols on the glass of their cells. Urghh!

Yat and Arisia have been enslaved by the Black Mercy plants that Mongul has altered, so that the plant evokes fear instead of the contentment and hope that it had previously created. Mongul is getting a real charge out of this. Mongul is not a nice person.

Green Lanterns

Mongul's new obnoxious little underling can't quite understand why Mongul is going through this whole charade, he just wants to kill the two Lanterns. Mongul on the other hand, has a plan. They are to be "served as a delicacy AND as an offering...A Quid Pro Quo if you will, in exchange for the rings." This does not bode well for Yat and Arisia. Mongul then creates a giant yellow bazooka and shoots all of the altered Black Mercy seedlings that he had been collecting into space, where they will fall, germinate and instill "cultures of great Fear."

Mongul and Sinestro should really get together. These two are obviously fellows who take great pride in their work.

The rest of the Lanterns are still wandering rather aimlessly around, trying to find Arisia and Yat, when they see the discharge of the seedlings. Bzzd is smart enough to figure out to follow the energy trail, and they all dive into a fissure on the world's surface. Inside a huge cavern is a giant purple...well...sphincter! Guy and Kyle dive right into it, without hesitation, while Soranik hurredly inquires as to the status of Arisia and Yat. It turns out that the two of them are in the process of being digested, so Vath gets a bit on the disgusted side and they all decide to go to town and "TOAST THESE BASTARDS!" There are quite a lot of pictures of truely magnificent carnage, then Guy erupts from the ground holding Arisia, to be followed shortly by Kyle who has Yat.

Soranik rushes over, while Kyle holds Yat's body, and tiny little glowing green constructs clean all the icky crud off of them. The rings also zip right back onto Yat and Arisia's fingers, which the rest of them consider to be a good thing.

Green Lanterns

Guy is impressed by the wreckage, and Soranik makes her diagnosis. Too bad they get distracted. Boy HOWDY, do they get distracted! Remember how Mongul said that Arisia and Yat were to be "offerings"? Well the recipient of those offerings is not happy. Not happy at all.

I LOVE a good cliffhanger.


At 12:09 PM, Blogger Nerites said...

I find myself liking GLC more and more. It's the one book besides WW and Fables that really has me going and TRULY happy.

Art & writing are just PURE gold.

I love all these guys, I adore Sodam. I'm crazy by each and every one of them.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS RLZZ and so does this blog!

At 12:15 PM, Blogger nicodemus88 said...

I like it too. But I was still quite disturbed by the colors at first.

I thought Guy was quite impressive and I liked it, good use of the mercies, good recap of Mongul background, but I would have been glad to have a litte more of Natu... ^^

YEs... Impressive scene in the jails too. Bzzd on the backseat of Stel made me smile.

I appreciated Mongul inner thoughts... (Does this should make me worried about me?)

Good CL Corps.

Good review.

Good Sally.


At 6:43 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Well, thank you to both of you.

The only problem I have with reading Green Lantern Corps,is that I come to the end, and I want MORE! RIGHT NOW!

I find that I am missing the beautiful colors of Moose Baumann on both Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps. I still don't know why DC got rid of Moose. *sigh*

There were lots of nice little touches. That whole thing with Sinestro biting his finger and drawing the Parallax symbol in his blood was horrifically fascinating.

At 6:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the Soranik Natu - Iolande team. Soranik, ever the surgeon, with those precise little knives, Iolande with that wonderful little parasol!

At 8:39 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Iolande's parasol is one of those nice little touches. I love her attitude, "I'm a Princess! Stuff like this shouldn't be happening to me!" when they are flying through all the dead bodies.


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