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Friday, June 13, 2014

Tiny Reviews

Sorry, didn't do reviews yesterday, because quite frankly, I was just too busy.  Not a whole lot of them anyway.  A small week just like last week.  It occurs to me, that I seem to be getting a lot fewer books than I used to.  Possibly because I have...finally...reached that point where if it isn't interesting anymore, I am a lot quicker to jettison it.  In the old days, I would hang on FOREVER...waiting and hoping for one of my favorite books to get better.  And sometimes it would get better!  But usually...not.  So I've been dumping books right and left, and it feels rather refreshing!

But here are the books that I am still hanging onto.

Green Lantern Corp #32

I say this every month it seems, but after a very slow start, the Green Lantern books have been picking up.  The Durlan/Khund war is actually interesting, and even makes a certain amount of sense, which is something that certainly couldn't be said for the whole "Relic" storyline.  I love Geoff Johns, but that was one fugly story.

So...The Durlans have backstabbed their allies, and are off to Daxam in order to assume the forms of Sodam Yat's people.  The Daxamites are similar to the Kryptonians, in that when exposed to a yellow sun, they get ginormous powers.  Of course there is still that whole Lead thing to worry about.  So, John and company show up on Daxam and of course, the Daxamites are all hostile and nasty, and such,because that's the way that they are.  But Sodam Yat is there, and his miserable old father is actually...glad to see him!


Meanwhile back on Mogo...and gosh, I just  love being able to type that...Von Daggle is talking to Salaak, and brings up a rather interesting nugget of information about the Durlans.  Nobody is quite sure if they can trust Von Daggle, and probably with good reason, but he overpowers Salaak and goes into the Ring Chamber, looking for his own ring...where he does some Durlan hocus pocus, which enables all of the Green Lanern rings to be able to recognize Durlans!  That's actually a good thing!

Back on Daxam, all of the rings suddenly start chirping that all the Daxamites are actually...Durlans!  The Corps is too late!  They are planning of flying off to find yellow suns, and to absorb enormous amounts of radiation so that they can Rule The Universe! Bwhahahahahahaha!

It's...actually a good plan!  A bunch of the Durlans landed on Zezzen, which is the home planet of  Lantern Gorin-Sunn so that they can absorb all their fire-iness.  And lo...there are some space ships showing up!

I'm actually on the edge of my seat for this.  Can Hal and John and all the Green Lanterns stop the evil evil Durlans?  Will the rest of the Universe realize that the Durlans are all evil and stuff?  Will the Green Lanterns actually be able to go out and patrol their sectors for a change? 

Stay Tuned!

Justice Leabue United #2

This is apparently the Canadian version of the Justice League,and I have to say it...it is a lot more interesting than the regular Justice League. You have Green Arrow and Animal being snarky at each other.  You have Star Girl and J'onn J'onnz, and I love those two characters.  And Adam Strange!  And Hawkman fighting Lobo!  And Rannians!  And..and stuff! 

It's a little odd here and there, but by god, it is a real comic book, and it is kinda fun, so I am sticking with it.

Mighty Avengers #11

I came a little bit late to this book, and have been prowling around looking for the back issues, but seriously, it is fun too.  I love these quirky books that Marvel has been putting out lately.  We have Luke Cage, and Jessica, and their baby and Blade, and Falcon and White Tiger, and some guy called the Blue Marvel, whom I am not particularly familiar with, but I like anyway.

Luke talks to his dad, there is a sorcerer who is possibly trying to help, and there are were-chickens. 

I like this book.

She-Hulk #5

I also like this book. 

Jen discovers that she has been sued by some Blue File, but has no memory of it.  Neither does anyone else who got sued.  She goes and talks to the Shocker about it, and they bond over Chinese food.  Also Patsy ends up talking to Tigra, and is suddenly attacked when she mentions the aforesaid Blue File...so something is obviously afoot.  And super Paralegal Angie and her monkey go to  North Dakota to do a little investigating and actually...find something! 


So, all in all...a small but pretty darned good week!


At 2:16 PM, Blogger James Ashelford said...

I know what you mean, I've been getting less patient with mediocre series these days. The impact on my pull list (especially the DC side of aisle) has been significant.

At 5:08 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Yes indeed. Mediocrity does seem to be running rampant.

At 1:04 PM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

I try to be more impatient, especially with the cost of the books, but it's hard. I'm always telling myself the title could pull it all together and become great any moment now. They usually don't. Plues, there's so much turnover in titles at Marvel these days, by the time I decide to drop one, it's about to be canceled anyway.


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