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Friday, January 13, 2012

Green Lantern #5


I have to admit it...I am having an awfully good time with the Hal/Sinestro team-up that Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke have going on. It's nice to see Sinestro's character being explored, without CHANGING his characterization. He's still completely ruthless, he's still egotistical, and he's still smart...but it's nice to see WHY he is like he is.

On Hal's advice, Sinestro has just given all the imprisoned Korugarians Green Lantern rings, which they naturally try to use against him. That goes over about as well as you would think it would, since they naturally cannot use the rings against him. Arsona is smart enough to figure out that you can't be afraid, so she at least gets a shot off. It impresses Sinestro, but doesn't harm him. Hal, in the cell next door, keeps shouting out advice, he's trying to get them to all work together, in order to beat the Sinestro Corps. Too bad they're all locked up.

But as Sinestro points out...he's not Hal, and he's got a secret weapon...mainly his power battery. His former ally, Professor Insidd is trying to figure out how to use it, so that HE can take over, when Sinestro calls for the battery. Let's just say that Insidd isn't going to be a problem any longer.

So there is a massive jail break, and the Korugarians are fighting the Sinestro Corps, while Sinestro and Hal zip over to the Yellow Battery. Hal's a bit leery about going in again, so Sinestro calls him chicken. Just then the Korugarians rings run out of juice. Fortunately, Sinestro and Hal are using all the power in the Yellow Battery to drain the Sinestro Corps, to devastating effect. Oh, and if you push hard enough you can break the ring. Hal scoffs, but Sinestro says that he's done it. Twice.

You know...I believe him.

So, the Sinestro Corps is pretty much in ice, they aren't dead, but they are all in a coma, from which they can only be wakened if Sinestro turns the battery back on. He says he won't do it, but the people of Korugar can be excused if they are a bit skeptical. Some of them, mostly the kids, think that Sinestro is a hero for saving them, but the older ones remember what he was like before. Sinestro himself says that he doesn't deserve their praise, and that he's going to take his old Corps away...and that he hopes he'll be able to return some day and be welcomed. Arsona says no way, no how...but knowing how fond the Korugarians seem of being dominated, I would say that Sinestro just has to save them a couple more times, and they'll be eating out of his hand again.

So...Sinestro and Hal are chugging back to Oa, with the big Yellow Battery in tow. Hal wants to help, but Sinestro rather dryly points out that since he's persona non grata on Oa at the moment, showing up would be...stupid. Even Hal realizes that. He's not too sure about Sinestro's motives however. Sinestro points out that the Guardians have become far more dangerous than he EVER was, and when Hal feels inclined to argue with him about it, he calmly sends him back to earth. He still has the ring...but no battery.

Oh Hal.

Hal lands in an alley in a pile of trash cans, which I find oddly hilarious. He's all wound up, and set on finding a battery...anything, so that he can charge the ring. He admits that it is all he has...all that he wants...!

And next thing you know, old Hal seems to have an epiphany of a sort. Carol is getting out of her car at Ferris airfield, when Hal calls to her, and goes over and kisses her and apologizes, admits he's been a complete jackass, and that he's really in love with her, he doesn't deserve it, but could he have a second chance. Carol, smiles rather wryly and says it's more like a tenth chance...but what the heck.


For once in his life, Hal has the sense to realize what he's been missing, and that perhaps there is more to life than ring-slinging. He'll probably manage to muff this up sooner or later, but for now at least...he's actually doing it right.

And then we close with the arrival of Sinestro on Oa. The Guardians are gloating because this means that the Sinestro Corps is out of their hair...just like Hal. So they are going to march right downstairs to the rumpus room and let the First Lantern out of the closet, and then, they'll have the Corps of their dreams...and woe to any who get in their way.

They've turned into a nasty little bunch of buggers, haven't they!

So...a lot of fun, a lot of good stuff, and the Hal/Sinestro bromance continues.


At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hal and Sinestro are such a perfect buddy-cop pair that I'd love to see them (be forced) to stay together long-term. And seriously, given a choice between Sinestro and Red Lanterns as the fourth Lantern book, who in their right mind gave it to vomiting rage monsters?

... Oh, right, we're giving Rob Liefeld work again.

-- Jack of Spades

At 11:59 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I agree with you completely.


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