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Monday, June 06, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over

Well! That was certainly an exciting weekend! Back from the Kinderhook, N.Y. Fife and Drum muster. The weather was perfect, the parade was short (much the best kind) and the barbecue was delicious. Also, we stayed at the same Bed & Breakfast Inn that we stayed at last year, and had running water, and a comfortable bed...as opposed to washing with a cold washcloth and sleeping on the ground or in a tiny camper.

But gosh, all KINDS of exciting things happened over the weekend, while I was incommunicado!

There was that little announcement that DC made of course, restarting 52 books come September, by renumbering some, dropping some (probably) and starting a whole bunch more. The speculation has been RIFE!

I'm still in a certain state of ambivalence. This could be good. Or it could go horribly wrong, I just don't know yet. I did however, experience a certain fluttering in my innards when it came to my beloved Green Lanterns. The Green Lantern books have become QUITE popular lately, ever since Geoff Johns brought back Hal in Rebirth, and I've been quite the happy little camper. Hal had Green Lantern, Kyle and John were in Green Lantern Corps, and Guy had a NEW book, Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors. It was shiny Green Heaven.

So...what is going to happen to the Corps? Not to worry! There is going to be a certain amount of shuffling, but mostly the same writers and the same artists are staying, and ALL the boys survive and flourish. Hal is still going to be in Green Lantern, Guy is moving back to Green Lantern Corps and will be paired up with John Stewart, while Kyle is going to have a new book, wherein he hangs out with the various color corps entities...and presumably runs the Universe. Oh, and there is going to be a NEW book, about the Red Lanterns, which sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

So...while things are changing, they aren't changing drastically...and my mind is at ease. I would assume that something of a similar nature is going to be happening with the Bat Books. No sense in rocking a profitable boat TOO hard. And quite a lot of the other new books that have been mentioned so far actually sound pretty good to me. I'm a bit worried about Secret Six, and Birds of Prey, which just isn't the same without Gail Simone. On the other hand, she's going to be working on a new Firestorm book with Ethan Van Sciver. I've never had much of an interest in Firestorm, but I LOVE Gail Simone, and I'm also quite fond of Van Sciver, so I'll be picking THAT up. And while I'm not completely sold on Wonder Woman's new outfit, she's going to be written by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang who were simply SUPERB on the Doctor Thirteen mini-series.

It has to be nerve-wracking for everyone trying to find out what is going to be happening to their favorite books. And exactly HOW much continuity is going to be fooled about with. And if they are going to make all the heroes younger, what happens to the younger heroes...are the Titans going to be booted back to being teenaged sidekicks? What about Tim and Damaian? Or Jaime, for that matter? I honestly can't say that I wouldn't be delighted to have Roy back, with his limbs intact and off the drugs...getting rid of the entire "Cry For Justice" debacle would be wonderful.

But for now, the Green Lanterns are safe...and I'm happy. Because as usual, it's all about ME!

What books are you all hoping for?


At 1:33 PM, Blogger Gary said...

Like you, I'm glad the GL books have survived without too much disruption. My worry is for the mid-list books that I get: Secret Six, Power Girl and Zatanna in particular.

They're fun books which is why I like them (even Winick on PG hasn't been that bad all told) but I don't think they sell enormous numbers. Hopefully they'll be part of the relaunch as opposed to just being cancelled - fingers crossed!

At 2:12 PM, Blogger Erin S. said...

I'm nervously waiting to see what's going on. Besides JLI I'm cautiously excited about the new Jason Todd/Roy Harper/Starfire book. Roy seems to have his arm back so let's hope Lian is alive in this time. Jaime and Tim weren't that much younger than Jason (Tims' supposed to be only two years younger) so it's shouldn't be that big of a deal. Tims' popular and DC is trying to promote Jaime.

I am rather annoyed with the "new" Batgirl though. To quote Bruce Wayne "It just raises too many questions."

At 2:19 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

More information seems to be percolating into the internet, which is rather tantalizing, isn't it?

I'm a little disappointed that Damian is going to be paired up with Bruce instead of Dick, because they had a wonderful connection going there. But they've shuffled Dick back over to Nightwing.

I wonder what is going to happen to Stephanie, and Cass, and Zinda and Helena and Dove?

And what about the JSA? That hasn't been mentioned at ALL! Or Sandy, or Obsidian, or Jay or Alan, or Ted or...or...!

These sorts of things WORRY me!

At 9:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remain guardedly on board with the GL books; Johns seems to be running out of steam on them but unwilling to give them up. The Bat-books were crap before Flashpoint, with the exception of Birds of Prey; Birds of Prey is now screwed up without Oracle, but I may follow Gail Simone to Batgirl. Dunno yet. The cover to Wonder Woman is discouraging.

Basically, I've heard nothing that thrills me. This is looking to me like opportunity squandered.

-- Jack of Spades


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