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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday's Reviews of Wednesday's Comics

Well! THAT was an interesting week!

We begin with Detective Comics, which continues the story of the Black Mask, who is actually Jeremiah Arkham, and his...adjustment to life as a prisoner in his own asylum. I have to admit...I thought this was a good story. I don't know that much about the character, but he's creepy as heck. And the backup with Huntress and the Question was good as always.\

Gotham City Sirens #11. I have to admit that I just like this book. It's fun watching Catwoman, Harley and Poison Ivy just get on with their lives as best they can. Dogs are disappearing all over the neighborhood, and Selina and Harley decide to find out why. It's not quite what you expect. And Ivy goes to work at Star Labs, and has one heck of a first day.

Green Lantern Corps #47. Be still my heart. More tomorrow. But really...WOW!!

Jack of Fables #45. I'm also enjoying the more conventional adventures of young Jack Frost. His naivetee is endearing, and I like the wooden owl. And Babe the tiny blue ox is always fun. Jack discovers that the actual villain of the piece is not exactly whom he thought it would be. Comeuppances for everyone!

Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal #2. My expectations weren't particularly high, but I did expect a bit more out of this book. I am sorry to say that I really think that this is one of the worst comic books that I have read in a VERY long time. And I am including Cry for Justice, which next to this mewling, whining tale is a masterpiece.


Roy is moping about Lian, which is perfectly normal and even admirable, until he starts blaming everyone else in the whole universe for her death. He's mad HE didn't get to kill Prometheus, he blames poor Mia for abandoning Lian, and he basically blames EVERYBODY for all his troubles. Then Chesire shows up and starts blaming him. Man this was depressing.

Justice Society of America #38. We continue our tale of the fall of the Justice League and the takeover of the world by the Fourth Reich. Whatever would we do without Nazis? They're just so much fun to hate. The remnants of the JSA have a plan, but they don't get to it...yet. Still, not bad. The part with the Joker demanding to be executed with Batman made me smile.

Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #3. Not bad, not bad at all. That moment with Lex Luthor made me gasp for a minute, until I realized he had just executed a play from Doctor Doom's playbook. There are a lot of explosions, and Superman gets impaled, but he's eventually ok, and Zod gets to fight Brainiac and take over Kandor...oh, and he just declared war on the Earth. Well!

Wonder Woman #43. Well, you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your relatives, and Diana seems to have acquired some doozies here. The art is lovely as is to be expected when Nicola Scott is doing the honors. Astarte claims to be Diana's aunt, and she's laying waste to Washington D.C. shortly before she sucks up the entire planet. But not to worry, because Achilles shows up on his really cool elephant. And there's a big silver snake. Bizarre, but fun. Gosh, I'm going to miss Gail Simone on this book.

So, a lovely time was had by all...with the exception of JLA, Rise of Arsenal, which really stunk up the joint.


At 9:09 PM, Blogger Duskdog said...

Pfft, Cheshire's got no right to be upset about anything, considering that she was pretty quick to switch sides during Villains United even though she thought it meant Lian would get a brain aneurysm or something.

And she just let baby number two get snatched right out from under her nose, too. Granted, she put up a fight, but still... she had more control over that than Roy had over what happened to Lian.

I hate Cheshire so much.

Still kind of confused and only halfway caring about this week's JSA. Ditto for Teen Titans.

But I LOVED this week's GLC! That's the book I care the most about, anyway. =)

At 10:46 AM, Blogger Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

Better than your comics, the Jonah Hex trailer is out.

At 11:48 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Really, Dwayne? It's about time! Only a month to go or so, I believe.

Duskdog, I agree with you completely. Cheshire is being a real pill, but then, I suppose that's her nature. Roy isn't being a whole lot more mature either.


But Green Lantern Corps was AWESOME!


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