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Friday, December 20, 2013

Stuff I Bought

Slightly delayed, but hey, it is that time of year.  Made fudge already, several batches actually, and white chocolate/cranberry scones.  Still need to make Cherry-Chip Bread, and cookies and wassail.  Gulping down eggnogg like a madwoman.

But as much fun as Christmas is, Comics are fun too.  And this was an interesting week.

Batman '66, #6

I love this book so very very much.  And with L'il Gotham ending in a few months, it is one of the few FUN books out there.  And we all know that FUN is something that Comic Book Companies seem to hate.  Which confuses the heck out of me, but hey.

Anyhoo, this month we have none other than the Bookworm, who has always been a wonderful character.  He is actually pretty smart, using his ploys to get more and more information on Batman, so that he can figure out who he actually is.  Batman is mildly annoyed by this, Robin seems to take it more seriously, Aunt Harriet, Alfred and Stately Wayne Manor are prominently presented, and the scene with the fight in the library and the bust of Shakespeare popping open the entry to the Bat poles, is hilarious.

Then in the second story, we have Olga, Queen of the Cossacks showing up after her spectacular debut in Li'l Gotham, and she is just as much fun here.  Let's just say that Batman knows just enough Bessarovian to be able to have he and Robin ride in mounted on a couple of...Bears.

God, I love this book.

Batman & Two-Face #26

This is a bit of a complete u-turn from the frolic-fest in Batman '66, but it is pretty good nevertheless.  For some reason, apparently due to the fact that he went to school with her, Bruce rescues Erin, the EVIL Irish lassie, who is the one responsible for murdering Harvey Dent's wife and disfiguring him.  She's come back for some reason or another, and naturally, Harvey is out for revenge.  She's out for revenge too, and in fact there seems to be revenge all over the place.

Pat Gleason delivers as always, there is murder, suicide and betrayal, and it's all pretty darned good.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #26

For the life of me, I could hardly make heads or tails out of what was actually going on in this book.  The "Bad" guys have showed up to get their lives back since the people on this planet stole all of their "good" moments or something to make one paradise out of myriad hells.  Or something.  Naturally Kyle is attacked by the evil version of the sort-of-good guy, but neither one of them is particularly likeable.  Carol dithers, and the New New Guardians pontificate a bit, and Kyle just lets loose, and doorways are opened and closed, and it was, frankly...chaotic and a bit of a mess.

I like Kyle.  I really do.  I like Carol.  I am disposed to like the New New Guardians.  But this is a hot mess.

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #3

This is about the only "Forever Evil" book that I can stand, and that is only because it is the Rogues, and because dammit, I love the Rogues.

They've been captured by Poison Ivy, who isn't all that interested in turning them over to the Crime Syndicate, she just wants some sunlight for her plants, and figures that Weather Wizard can help her.  He asks how the hell he is supposed to move the moon, which is a damned good question.  I still haven't figured out how the whole moon thing is even possible, but hey...comic book science.

This was actually fairly decent.  It beats the Justice League, that's for sure.

Wonder Woman #26

Well, Cassandra is busy torturing poor Milan, in an effort to find the First Born.  Strife is babysitting Zola and Zach, and you know that is going to turn out well.  Diana and Hermes seem to have made up, which is a good thing because I love Hermes.  Orion jumps into the middle of things, in the way that Orion only can do, fighting off hyena men, because...well, why the hell not?

Apollo continues to torture the First Born, which is probably a really bad mistake on his part.  Due to Strife's machinations, Zola runs away and runs across Dionysus, which probably won't turn out well either.

Damn.  I like this book too.

And onto Marvel

Daredevil #34

I came late to this book, but man, have I loved it.  No Samnee this issue, but Alvaro Lopez does a commendable job filling in.  I also learned, that while this latest run of Daredevil is ending, it is starting again in a few months in San Francisco, with the same team of Waid and Samnee.  Which is great!  But also a little weird.  Why not just...keep going?  Why start all over again?  Because according to Tom Brevoort, Number 1's create sales!  Woohoo!

Anyway, Matt has made it back with some pages of the Darkhold, and shows them to Doctor Strange.  Some of the spells are healing spells, which is what the monsters used on Matt, and he is hoping against hope, that he can somehow use it to help Foggy.   But in the meantime, he is still fighting the Sons of the Serpent, and in a completely delightful sequence, he goes out  to find Kirsten, who is jogging in the partk, still dressed as Matt Murdock, and making no attempt whatsoever to hide that he is Daredevil, running backwards, and saving an old lady from some muggers.  

Incidentally, this page is sheer poetry...

  photo daredevilinthepark_zps8f97dab6.png

He enlists her, to help him make a broadcast, telling the people of New York that they have been infiltrated, and using a...word...from the book to get the attention of the Serpents...and it works!  Too bad something seems to be going on with Foggy.

Man, this is so good.

 Thor: God of Thunder #16

Malekith is always ahead of Thor's merry little band, which seems to be crumbling under the pressure.  Thor is suddenly sure that the Troll is the traitor, everyone is accusing each other, and things just fall apart.  Oh, and Thor decides to execute the Troll, by whacking his head off with his hammer!  Sheesh!  Turns out that the traitor...was...Thor!  Or the thing that was living inside of him somehow, which is rather disgusting, but certainly explains a lot.

Beautiful art, and a good story.

Young Avengers #14

No teen Loki, but still a good issue.  No McKelvie either, except for just a little bit at the beginning.  We have a host of guest artists, and it gets a bit jarring to see these characters with different portrayers.  Not bad, per se...just different.

Noh Varr has well and truly burned his bridges with Kate, which is a shame.  She's feeling a bit blue, and who can blame her...but ends up dancing with Tommy, which is nice.  All of the other teens who helped save the Universe are having a very nice party.  Teddy and Billy are cooing at each other, Prodigy is feeling a little down, and we get a little more insight into America's history.

One more issue to go.  But dang, needs more Loki.

Saga #17

Oh crap!  Oh, not the story, the story is fabulous, but a number of people that I really really like, are apparently dying, and things aren't looking good at all.  The charming interlude of Marko and Alana holing up and playing games and flirting, and so on, is over, Prince Robot IV is torturing Heist,, who is actually holding his own, when stupid Gwen shows up with Lying Cat, and ...damn!

So...so good.

Helluva a week!


At 10:27 PM, Blogger Shelly said...

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At 10:28 PM, Blogger Shelly said...

Saga was so awesome. I can't wait for the next issue. So much emotion.

Merry Christmas!

At 4:51 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Saga is indeed amazing. So...so amazing. But man, I'm bummed!

And Merry Christmas to you, Shelly!

At 8:49 AM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

While I wish Chris Samnee could draw every issue of Daredevil, I have to give Marvel credit for consistently finding good artists for that book.

Actually, Marvel seems to have a ton of good artists working for them right now. It makes me wish I actually knew how to write about art intelligently.

Now, Cherry Chip Bread. . . Are we talking bread with chocolate chips and cherries baked into it? Because that would be intriguing. I've got ribbon salad for desert, myself.

Happy holidays!

At 9:26 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Calvin, I was at first bummed that Chris Samnee wasn't drawing this issue, and then delightfully surprised at how gorgeous it all was.

Cherry Chip Bread is a recipe of my grandmother's, with maraschino cherries, chocolate chips, walnuts and dates, that you steam as you bake it. A bit like a fruit cake I suppose, except that it is mindboggling GOOD!


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