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Thursday, December 12, 2013


Well, that wasn't a bad little Wednesday at all.  I am a bit concerned about what I will do for Christmas, since it lands on a Wednesday this year, and Peace and Goodwill and all that, but do I get my Comics the day before...or after? 

Hey, these are important questions!

But anyway.

Action Comics #26

I had dropped this book, but someone told me that it was actually really really good, and God knows I am looking desperately for some decent books, so I picked this up, even though it came out last week.  And you know what?  It WAS really good!  It has the new version of Lana Lang, and I actually don't hate her!  I loved the idea that Clark was showing off for her even though he is dating Diana.  Which just proves that deep down in both of their hearts, they know it is a stupid idea to date. 

But I digress.  This was fun, and cool, and interesting, with a good story and decent art.  How nice!

Batman #26

Oh Scott Snyder, you keep making me actually care about Bruce Wayne.  And Greg Capullo is quickly turning into one of my favorite artists.  This was grisly, and fascinating and a bit of a whirlwind.  Bruce...not Batman shows up in most of this, getting his skull fractured, but not letting a silly thing like that slow him down, and meeting up with James Gordon, even though the two of them really don't like each other all that much.  Bruce is a bit on the self righteous side here, but hey...he's young.

But man oh man, this is good.

Batman: Li'l Gotham #9

I think this had to be my favorite book of the week.  Of the month.  Possibly of the year! 

Batman and Damian are chasing Clayface, who ducks into the Gotham Comic Book Convention, because of course he would.  The trials and tribulations of our Dynamic Duo trying to get in without tickets, dealing with artists and cos players, not to mention Damian's quest for that elusive comic book is simply hilarious.  Dustin Nguyen pokes fun...but it is gentle fun.

The second story is about Jenna Duffy, Carpenter to the Villains of Gotham's quest to have a day off, so that she can make a dog house for her insanely adorable little puppy.  Unfortunately, Batman is on a tear, and she keeps getting interrupted for emergency lair repair by all of the various baddies.  Absolutely fed up, she lights up the Bat Signal in order to find his Battiness, and then yells at him for ruining her day.    Then he hires her to repair the Bat Cave. 

This is practically the best Book that DC is publishing.  There.  I've said it.

Constantine #9

Well, John has Swamp Thing and Pandora and the Phantom stranger and Nightmare Nurse vs all the evil baddies unleashed by the Crime Syndicate, but it isn't working out too well.  Also he keeps moaning about Zatanna.  Pandora and the Phantom Stranger are strangely uneffective, and the same can be said for Swamp Thing.  I would assume therefore that more of the story will be taking place in their respective books, but the heck with that, I am not about to get suckered into buying a bunch of books that I don't particularly want in order to resolve a story that I don't particularly care about.


Green Lantern Corps #26


I have dropped Justice League and Justice League America.  This Forever Evil thing is taking...well...FOREVER!  It seems as though it has been going on for 12 months already, and not a whole heck of a lot has actually...happened!  Every month, it is just more of the same, all moving at an incredibly glacial pace towards the eventual resolution.  I don't care. 

But man, Li'l Gotham was great!


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