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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Computing is Hard!

Hoohah! I am going to get this whole computer thing DOWN! At least someday. I recently switched to Firefox, which was traumatic enough, since it has Bookmarks instead of Favorites. But I figured out how to get all of my favorite sites saved all over again. I even figured out how to line it up on the side of the screen, where it is nice and handy, although it took a week, and a few questions to the resident comptuter genius at work.

But over Christmas, the boys accidentally erased the bar at the top that has all the file, edit, view and tool functions and other interesting stuff. I was going INSANE, but I finally figured out how to get those back too. It's been hard since the last teenager moved out.

Not that it matters. I hear that there is something called Tumbler? Is this related to Twitter? Am I being left behind in the great electronics revolution...again? On the plus side, I DID find my Ipod.

But enough of this...it is Wednesday,and the books are out. REAL books. Printed on paper. That don't need to be plugged in, or charged up, and if something goes awry, you actually still have them in your hot little hands. I am such a Luddite.


At 12:58 PM, Blogger Saranga said...

Nowt wrong with being a luddite.

Tumblr is just another way to blog, so far as I can tell it's mostly used to show pictures with a bit of commentary. It allows you to post other people's entries to your tumblr, with a reasonably clear list of who else has reblogged it.

It's not exciting enough to get a new accoutn for, but I would quite like someone to do a dedicated Supergirls tumblr. There's just not enough Supergirl love in the world is all.

Enjoy your comics! I get mind tomorrow (unless the bank holidays stuff things up,I hope they don't)

At 1:34 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

What with the holidays being on Saturday this year, you wouldn't THINK that the delivery would be messed up, but who the heck knows?

Thank you Saranga for the kind words. I'm feeling very NOT "with it".


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