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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

About Ganthet And Guy

I've been thinking again, about the whole alliance that Ganthet and Guy have going with Atrocitus, and how that is going to play out during the upcoming War of the Green Lanterns in a few months. They've both been "outed" so to speak this month in their respective books, and we are all waiting with bated breath, to see how their various Green Lantern brethren will react.

I have to admit that I find Atrocitus's method of keeping an eye on the two to be a bit...disgusting. Really, giant bloody hairballs? He's been hanging out with Dex-Starr too much! Still...it is effective, if a bit revolting. I don't imagine that it tastes particularly good either.

But anyway, I'm not that sure that their various buddies are going to be recoiling in horror. And why should they? Ganthet has always been the smartest of the Guardians, and he's certainly the only one that is in the trenches getting his hands dirty with the rest of the Lanterns, so I don't think that they are going to hold that against him. Guy has always had a pragmatic streak in him as well. It seems as though his visions are a direct result of getting the Red Ring, since the gift of prophecy seems to come from Atrocitus and the rest of the Inversions. How much of the prophecies are TRUE, and how much can be twisted is another story. But I think that Ganthet is right to take Guy's problem seriously, and it was probably smart on Guy's part to take it to Ganthet, as opposed to running to the Guardians. They don't seem to handle adversity well.

I also don't think that what Guy and Ganthet are doing, having an alliance with Atrocitus, to find a Very Real Threat to the Battery is any worse than what Hal is up to on Earth. Salaak certainly seems to be having his doubts, since he's planning on planting a mole to keep watch. Hal hasn't been particularly forthcoming to anyone lately. The rest of the Justice League is a bit perplexed, and they probaby should be. Here's Hal, hanging out with the likes of Sinestro, for Pete's Sake! Not to mention Atrocitus himself. He's also got Larfleeze running around creating a certain amount of mayhem, and even the more benevolent aspects such as Hope is creating some problems. Carol seems to be hanging out on Zamaron, so she's not creating a problem, although I imagine that she's about to have Hawkwoman's Mother in her hair.

Hal and his new buddies are all searching for the various Entities...which is all fine and good, except that now he's attracted the attention of the Keeper, who turns out to be Krona of all people, and now HE'S on Earth too. Hal's right in the middle of a Really Big Potential Problem...and he's got nobody to blame but himself.

So...whose side would YOU be on in the upcoming War? I know that I'm sticking with Ganthet and Guy. Hal may be pretty and charming and all of that, but he's way too much of a lose cannon for me. And probably for the Guardians. But I have to admit that I would be thrilled to pieces if Sinestro ends up as a Green Lantern again. Probably he would consider it a demotion though. Still...it would be interesting.


It looks as though it is going to be...epic.


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